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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
June 13, 2011
Wayne Gretzky
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June 13, 2011

Just My Type

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WG: In my mind I was. But I wasn't as good. Believe me, I played a different kind of defense than Bobby Orr.

DP: Could you ever be an enforcer, even on the ice with your own kids?

WG: No, my kids would be tougher than I would be.

Rookie Mistake

Hines Ward said he's in good shape from Dancing with the Stars, but football requires a very specific type of training. The Steelers WR said first-year players think they're preparing themselves during the lockout, but they're just wearing out their bodies. "A lot of them are overtraining right now," Ward told me, "trying to come [to camp] in the best shape they can. Then the first week of training camp comes, and that's when a lot of injuries occur."

Role Reversal

The Lakers' decision to hire Mike Brown surprised a lot of people—maybe even owner Jerry Buss and V.P. Jim Buss. "I felt going into the interview that the Busses didn't know me at all, and it was almost like I was an afterthought," Brown told me. "I decided that I was going to take over the interview from the start." It worked—Brown said that midway through their meeting, G.M. Mitch Kupchak told Jerry Buss that somehow Brown was running the interview.

Line of the week

NFL Network host Rich Eisen on how thin programming has become during the lockout: "Last week I did a seven-minute segment on the sandwich Mark Sanchez ordered when he came to visit."

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