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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
June 20, 2011
Don Mattingly
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June 20, 2011

Just My Type

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DM: There are a lot of good clubs out there. Obviously one of the best teams is Philly, with the pitching. San Francisco's got that swagger that says, We think we can beat you, and we think we're better than you.

DP: As a hitter, would you have rather faced the Phillies' Roy Halladay or the Giants' Tim Lincecum?

DM: That's not a real great choice. I would rather have faced Halladay. Lincecum is a guy who gets you out without throwing strikes. Doc's a guy who says, "C'mon, let's go, you and me."

DP: Who has the biggest ego you've ever had to deal with?

DM: I felt like Randy Johnson had a big ego [when I was coaching] in New York. Not really in a bad way. He should have. He was a great pitcher for a long time. Those guys get [to a point] where they really believe in themselves.

DP: Do you want players with big egos?

DM: I don't mind if a guy's selfish because he wants to put up numbers. A guy who doesn't give up at bats and battles to get every out and never wants to give up a run... . I kind of like those guys.

DP: After Giants catcher Buster Posey's injury, what do you think the catcher's role should be on a play at the plate?

DM: I think the catcher is the one who really controls that. I know there's a way to block the plate where you position yourself so that you don't get hurt. The runner can't just come in and politely curtsy. If [Posey's agent] would have come out 30 days before Buster got hit and said, "Hey, I think we should do something about the catchers," [that's one thing], but not after his client gets hit. Then it gets into, "Hey, let's not slide hard into second because I've got a client who plays second or short."

DP: What if one of your players didn't run into the catcher in that situation?

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