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July 04, 2011
An on-course magician. A millionaire golf hustler. Arnold Palmer's right-hand man. Talk about dream jobs. Meet 25 passionate people who said no thanks to the dull hum of the cubicle and found places in the world of golf—the coolest, quirkiest, most interesting places. While pursuing disparate callings, every man, woman and . . . goat (page 27) on these pages has at least this much in common: The jobs they do make golf better. Here they are, in their own words.
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July 04, 2011

Working Class: A Portfolio

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"After 9/11, I was traveling with only a backpack and was aghast with what went on at the airport. The players and I talked about how hard traveling was going to be. We got the O.K. from the Tour, and my wife, Mary, and I bought a truck and a trailer for $50,000. We transport the players' luggage, golf bags and strollers, among other things, from Tour stop to Tour stop so they can travel hands free. We started with five players. Now we have almost 40. We've logged 55,000 miles a year since 2003. On Sundays, Mary starts packing while I finish caddying for Brian Davis. Then I help Mary finish packing, and it's wheels up to the next tournament. The longest drive is from Tucson to the Honda Classic [in South Florida]. A business name? When we started we called it H.O.P.E.—Hulka's Overland Players Express. Because our motto was, 'I hope they use it.'"


Denise Doyle

Age: 34

Job: Golf instructor, the Himalayas

"America has the best of everything—courses, equipment, technology. The other side of the world isn't as privileged. I spent six months giving free golf lessons to kids in Nepal as part of the Himalayan Youth Golf Association, which promotes junior golf there. I taught 200 kids. They were like family. They called me 'ma'am.' They hit balls in sandals. Give them wooden tees and new shoes, and their eyes light up. In Kathmandu a six-year-old loved hitting driver. I said, 'I'll give you 50 rupees if you put it over that bunker 100 yards out.' He did it over and over, saying, 'Again, ma'am! Again!' I lost 500 rupees! There's nothing like watching a child get hooked on golf."


Kevin Dawson

Age: 59

Job: Golf magician

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