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July 04, 2011
An on-course magician. A millionaire golf hustler. Arnold Palmer's right-hand man. Talk about dream jobs. Meet 25 passionate people who said no thanks to the dull hum of the cubicle and found places in the world of golf—the coolest, quirkiest, most interesting places. While pursuing disparate callings, every man, woman and . . . goat (page 27) on these pages has at least this much in common: The jobs they do make golf better. Here they are, in their own words.
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July 04, 2011

Working Class: A Portfolio

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"I fell in love with golf and magic as a kid. I watched The Magic Land of Allakazam on Saturday mornings. Doing magic on courses all these decades has let me journey through golf. I've been to Scotland, China, all over the United States—places like Oakmont and Bethpage. I love people. I've performed for two presidents and for Arnold Palmer. When I do card tricks or sleight of hand with balls and tees, it's the reactions I love. I'm a 1.5 handicap. Magic and golf both take hard work and soft hands. I can cover my mistakes in magic. There are no bogeys. Golf's not like that. My greatest trick? I shot a level 72 at the Old Course at St. Andrews, with an ace on number 8. That was magical."

Dawson performs as the Jolly Jester for Blue Sky Atlanta Music and Entertainment (


Dewey Tomko

Age: 64

Job: Full-time poker legend, part-time golf gambler

"I spend most of my time on the golf course. I love betting. To get real action on the course you have to make your opponent think he has the edge, then turn the tables. Rocco Mediate said that if he had to pick someone to make a putt for $1 million, he'd choose me. That's because I have made a putt for a million. Of course, the first time I had a putt for a million, I choked. After a few times it's just another putt. A hustling secret? If your opponent has a little choke in him, get him to play on the fastest greens you can. Bets always come down to a putt."


Missy Jenkins

Age: 56

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