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Dan Patrick
August 01, 2011
Tony Stewart
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August 01, 2011

Just My Type

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Tony Stewart


The driver of the number 14 car stands 11th in the NASCAR points standing, with seven races left before the 12-driver Chase for the Cup field is set.

Dan Patrick: Did you see the tweets from Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate claiming NASCAR drivers aren't athletes?

Tony Stewart: I heard a little bit about that. Is he even a starter? Does he even play? He said he can drive 90 miles per hour?

DP: How often do you find yourself defending your honor as an athlete?

TS: Not very often. Most of those guys who feel that way, when they get a chance to actually ride in a car and see the conditions that we drive under and the g-loads we deal with, [they feel differently]. We don't have timeouts. We don't have halftime. We play the whole game. It's always interesting [to hear] somebody who doesn't know anything about our sport when they think they know what they're talking about.

DP: If Golden Tate got into your car, could you make him cry?

TS: I don't think he would cry, but I think he would realize it's a lot more physical than what he thinks it is. It's a different type of conditioning. We're not hitting guys. But [we're] sitting in a 130- or 140-degree car for 3½ hours.

DP: How much weight do you lose during a race?

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