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August 01, 2011
The most quoted American in history is not a famed linguist like Noam Chomsky or a distinguished writer like Henry David Thoreau. Nor is it one of our more eloquent presidents, such as Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt. Our country's most quoted citizen is, by far, the great Yogi Berra.
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August 01, 2011


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Sam Millich, Black River, N.Y.

I enjoyed reading your playlist, but I think you missed out on another great Bob Dylan song: Hurricane, the story of boxer Rubin Carter who was wrongfully accused of triple homicide.

David Purdin, Cedarville, Ohio

It's hard to consider this anything more than a really good playlist when bands like the Dropkick Murphys get two entries while George Strait and his song Amarillo by Morning, a tribute to journeymen rodeo athletes, doesn't rate even an honorable mention.

Cort McMurray, Houston

Soldiers of Glory

Phil Taylor's column on the Wounded Warriors (POINT AFTER, July 4--11) had me choked up and teary-eyed by the third sentence. Stories like this should remind all sports enthusiasts of those who have sacrificed so we can all have the freedom to pursue our love of sports.

Chet Schwimmer

Lake Worth, Fla.

As the father of a Marine who was seriously wounded in Iraq, I want to thank SI for its inspiring article on the Wounded Warrior softball team. The courage and determination shown by these heroes in their recovery should make all of America proud.

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