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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
August 08, 2011
Matt Ryan
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August 08, 2011

Just My Type

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San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy told me he loves having characters on his team, but having those characters visit the White House made him a little bit nervous. "I really was concerned what Brian [Wilson, above] was going to wear," Bochy explained. "I said, 'Put the spandex away for this event.' We had the players wear coats and ties. Brian did a nice job." Bochy, however, added that he's never been around a player who works harder than Wilson.

Sharpe Insight

Newly inducted Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe offered an interesting take into the Broncos' expectations for Tim Tebow. "Once you've won a Super Bowl as an organization, nothing less than winning and hoisting that Lombardi Trophy matters anymore," Sharpe told me. "[Head coach] John Fox believes this guy can win in the playoffs." That's how a team should think, but that puts a lot of pressure on a second-year quarterback who has started just three games.

Line of the week

Steve Carell on his ultimate sports-related tattoo: "I would get BRETT FAVRE put on my shoulder. You couldn't remove it. Even when you thought it was removed, it would keep coming back."

Now Hear This

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2. Marshall Faulk breaks down a wild week in the NFL.

THE FINE PRINT: The Patriots acquired defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth ... and switched their conditioning test to true/false.

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