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Dan Patrick
August 08, 2011
Matt Ryan
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August 08, 2011

Just My Type

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Matt Ryan


The 2010 Pro Bowler (page 28) led teammates in drills at an Atlanta-area high school during the lockout and got married in April.

Dan Patrick: How did the lockout affect your life?

Matt Ryan: It freed up some of my time, that's for sure. But it really just changed where we did our preparation. A lot of guys live in Atlanta, so we could get together and work out a little bit.

DP: Did you have any contact with coaches to help prepare this off-season?

MR: We had no communication. Both sides stuck to the rules. We were lucky, we haven't had any turnover in our coordinators the last three years. We knew our system.

DP: Have you spent time with rookie receiver Julio Jones?

MR: I have. Julio was in Atlanta for about eight weeks after the draft [learning] our playbook.

DP: What's he do well?

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