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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
August 15, 2011
Prince Fielder
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August 15, 2011

Just My Type

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Last week South Carolina banned players from using Twitter, and other college football programs will likely follow suit. Oklahoma's Bob Stoops hasn't outlawed tweeting, but he told me he's concerned. "Unless you show yourself to be a fool with it, I'll allow you to do it," Stoops said he told players. "As soon as it gets in the way of what we're doing, putting out information on our team ... you're out of it."

Line of the week

Adam Sandler refuting reports he called Nnamdi Asomugha in an attempt to recruit him to the Jets: "What do I have to offer to that man? The only advice I could give him was how to run a 40 a little slower."

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THE FINE PRINT: The Braves' Dan Uggla hit in 28 straight games to raise his average to .220. S&P upgraded his rating to Joe D-minus.

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