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September 12, 2011
Kevin Garnett
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September 12, 2011

Just My Type

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KG: Truthfully, no. When I see Danny Ainge in passing, we laugh at it, but there's nothing concrete.

DP: How long do you want to play?

KG: I don't know. I'm enjoying the guys I play with. I'm enjoying the game.

DP: If you hadn't left Minnesota, would you still be playing?

KG: I wouldn't still be in Minnesota, first off. Minnesota's always been my second home. But going through the process, I probably would have [left] a little sooner. Just knowing where management's mind was—not on the same page with me.

DP: How close were you to joining the Lakers?

KG: I was pretty close [in 2007]. What disturbed me about the whole Lakers situation was Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson at the time. They were at each other pretty bad, and a new situation full of uncertainty wasn't something I wanted to get into.

DP: It was your choice not to go to the Lakers?

KG: It was my choice.

DP: Is there any chance I could get a 10-day contract with the Celtics?

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