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September 12, 2011
Anyone who attends a Navy game and does not shed a tear while watching the Midshipmen face the crowd and sing Navy Blue and Gold with their hands on their hearts does not have a soul. I believe this tradition is one of the most poignant moments in all of college sports.
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September 12, 2011


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Your column on Don Bosco Prep (INSIDE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL, Aug. 22) reveals that coach Greg Toal implements a year-round training program, including two-a-days and film sessions, that keeps the players busy for nine hours. If that's the case, when do these kids have time to study and focus on schoolwork?

Alan Torkel, Brooklyn

As Bad as It Gets

I assume Joe Sheehan will publish a mea culpa for arguing that A.J. Burnett should stay in the Yankees' rotation (INSIDE MLB, Aug. 22). I read Sheehan's column less than three hours after watching Burnett allow seven earned runs in 12/3 innings against the offensively challenged Twins. Six days later he allowed nine earned runs in a loss to the woeful Orioles. I can't believe the Yankees wasted $82.5 million on this guy.

Owen Lockwood

Fairfield, Conn.

Yankees fans have come to the same conclusion about Burnett that Blue Jays fans did after being forced to watch him flounder for three seasons. Without someone to hold his hand the way Brad Arnsberg did when he was Toronto's pitching coach, Burnett is just a smug disaster waiting for an excuse to become unwound.

Rick Pierce, Oakville, Ont.

They Can't Be Serious

NCAA president Mark Emmert's meeting with university presidents, athletic directors and conference commissioners regarding reform in college athletics (SCORECARD, Aug. 22) was intended to be an act of sarcasm, right? If there was ever a group of people who represents the foxes guarding the henhouses, it's these guys. All of them are raking in millions of dollars by continually turning a blind eye to the abuses in college sports. Reform? Not in my lifetime.

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