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October 31, 2011
I arrived in St. Louis prepared to help the Busch Stadium faithful overcome the burden of being the Best Fans in Baseball. That's right, the burden. Cardinals fans have held that unofficial title for years, so commentators have reminded us throughout the World Series, and as proud as they are of the recognition, it's like being such a good student that all the other kids want to pound you. Redbird Nation's reputation as the most knowledgeable, loyal and, above all, friendly fans in the majors is pretty much the equivalent of wearing a sign on its collective back that says, KICK ME.
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October 31, 2011

Where's The Boo In Booster?

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I considered what another St. Louis fan had told me about the BFIB title before Game 2. "It's a little cliché-ish, a little cheesy," said Danny Farroll, "but in the end, it's kind of who we are." In other words, whether this week brings the franchise's 11th championship or eighth World Series loss, you think the Best Fans in Baseball are going to go against their nature just to avoid further mockery? You must be from out of town.

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