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November 14, 2011
Ryan Leaf
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November 14, 2011

Just My Type

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RL: The hardest part was the Super Bowl a few years back—when he's not only playing in the Super Bowl, but there's a commercial of him running. I'm sitting in Montana in a cabin. A little different.

DP: With the success you had in college and when you first got to the NFL, did you get too cocky too soon?

RL: I definitely let it go to my head. When I had a terrible game against Kansas City, I didn't know how to deal with criticism. Battling the best defenses on Sunday and then battling the media the rest of the week—that just can't happen.

DP: Did the media bait you?

RL: I think so, but they did their job. I was resentful for quite a while, but I understand.

DP: You've talked about your problem with pain medicine. When did it start?

RL: The first time I ever got [the medicine] was after surgery. It's the only thing that took care of the pain. So when the emotional pain became more evident down the line, when I was coaching [golf and football at West Texas A&M], it did the job.

DP: What drug was it?

RL: Vicodin

DP: What's the most desperate thing you did to get it?

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