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November 28, 2011
• Anyone who thinks a proposed $2,000 stipend for college athletes will cure the ills of big-time college athletics is naive. Some athletes, particularly the stars, will still have their hands out. Ask Reggie Bush if $2,000 would have altered his decision to accept much more than that in illegal benefits from a sports agent while he was on scholarship at USC.
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November 28, 2011


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As a die-hard Oilers fan and Edmonton native, I never thought I would be writing in support of Maple Leafs G.M. Brian Burke. However, after reading your article Made in the USA (SCORECARD, Nov. 7), I felt compelled to do just that. In only three years Burke has turned the Leafs from a disaster to a promising club. And I sincerely doubt that Toronto fans are worried about the large number of Americans—like Burke—who are in the Leafs' organization. They're simply pleased to have their team on track for the playoffs.

James Turnbull

Edmonton, Alberta

Long Overdue

Tim Layden's article on Mike Reily (The Forgotten Hero, Nov. 7) is a superb piece of sports journalism. If not for Layden, the captivating story of Reily's short life may have languished in a long-forgotten cardboard box at Williams College. It's fascinating to learn that the athletic department kept Reily's number from being reissued for so long without anyone knowing why. I'm glad to see this young man's life getting well-deserved recognition.

Joan Galvin, Clearwater, Fla.

I was deeply touched by your story on Reily. It reminded me so much of another fine college athlete, Peter Nictakis. A catcher and team captain at Boston College in 1998 and '99, Nictakis battled Hodgkin's disease for 71/2 years before dying in 2000. Two amazing men with similar stories gone too soon. I weep for both.

Sandra Vincent

Hopkins, Minn.


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