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January 09, 2012
Kevin Love
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January 09, 2012

Just My Type

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KL: It's funny people say that, because even on its best shooting night an NBA team makes [only] 50%. There are a lot of missed shots out there.

DP: Oh, I know. I watch. I'm surprised you don't have 20 rebounds per game.

KL: Not to toot my own horn, [but] I'm a pretty efficient player. I don't need many shots. And I don't need the ball to score points. With my rebounding prowess, I can be effective in any system, any offense or any game plan. When people say [my rebounding numbers are inflated], I tend not to listen. I let my game do the talking.

DP: Can you get your blocked shots up from 0.4 last year?

KL: I'm 20 to 25 pounds lighter. I will try to get some blocks for you, because I know you picked me on your fantasy team.

DP: Do you think the T-Wolves can make the playoffs?

KL: I think we're going to surprise a lot of people. It's a condensed season—66 games in 124 days—so there are going to be a lot of weeks when we're playing back-to-back, four games in five nights, etc. We have a youthful, energetic group. We'll have fresh legs and surprise some of those veteran teams coming off the same kind of schedule.

DP: You didn't say anything about the playoffs.

KL: I believe we can sneak into the eighth seed. We have Coach [Rick] Adelman. He's won everywhere—with teams that had superstars, like Sacramento back in the day with Chris Webber and Vlade [Divac]; and then at Houston in 2009, without T-Mac and Yao, when they took the Lakers to seven games before L.A. won [the title]. We have a great coaching staff. We have a group of guys whose [basketball intelligence] is very high on the court. If we sneak into the eighth seed, we did our job.

DP: How do you say, "Get me the damn ball, rookie," in Spanish to new point guard Ricky Rubio?

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