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January 30, 2012
I sadly remember how underappreciated Tom Brady was at Michigan. Like so many Wolverines fans, I'm glad he chose to stick it out in Ann Arbor instead of transferring in search of more playing time. He continues to represent the Wolverines well by being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.
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January 30, 2012


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Fan from Afar

I think Dick Friedman has had it easy cheering for a winning football program like LSU in Boston (SCORECARD, Jan. 9). He should try rooting for the Lions, Bills and Rams—teams I've supported my whole life based on the blue in their colors. The Lions ruined my Thanksgiving for the past 10 years until they finally made the playoffs this season. With Buffalo's and St. Louis's perennial woes, the only thing preventing my world from completely turning upside down is the excitement of possibly getting top picks in the draft who can help turn things around.

Jacob Magid, Skokie, Ill.

Coaches Cornered

I just finished Phil Taylor's The Sandusky Effect (POINT AFTER, Jan. 9) with a pain in my stomach. As a mother of two little baseball players, I am saddened by the ambivalence that youth coaches everywhere are now feeling. Sometimes our boys and girls need a great coach to help improve their game, and sometimes they need a great mentor to improve their lives. If Sandusky is indeed guilty, he and the men like him have created more victims than anyone could imagine.

Allene M. Phillips

Danielsville, Ga.

While I understand Taylor's response to the Sandusky scandal, I must say I do not agree with it. There is nothing you can do to prevent someone from making accusations if that person is intent on doing so. When you are conducting yourself with integrity and your players and their parents are aware of this, why alter your behavior? Keep on being a positive role model. We certainly need all we can get.

Michael J. Ryan, Worth, Ill.


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