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March 26, 2012
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March 26, 2012

Just My Type

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DM: It's kind of hard to doubt him [with the way] he keeps putting up the numbers. The last couple of years, you see a little less flexibility in his movements, and that's [a sign he] might be slowing down a little bit. I know Albert and consider him a friend. This guy's a leader, a great person.

DP: Did your guys talk about Ryan Braun's situation in the clubhouse?

DM: Not too much. [MVP runner-up] Matt Kemp's comments settled it when he said he was glad nothing happened.

DP: Did you ever take anything that may be illegal under the current drug policy?

DM: I don't think so. I never got to the point of even [using] Creatine. I kind of missed that era. I retired after the '95 season. It must have been coming before that, [but] I was kind of out when it boomed. I'm glad I wasn't part of that because I would have had to answer questions and deal with a lot of it.

DP: Would you have been tempted to use anything?

DM: I think so. I hate to say it. You want to do the right thing, [but] I went through injuries—back problems—and I struggled. If someone said this is going to make you stronger ... I don't think you look at the ramifications when you're young. You think you're bulletproof. I think I would have been tempted.

DP: If everyone in baseball was doing it, what is to stop someone?

DM: The thought of being caught would have been the biggest deterrent for me. People say you could cork your bat or do something illegal. I never want anybody to come back and say that year I had of driving in 145 runs, it wasn't really me.

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