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April 02, 2012
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April 02, 2012

Just My Type

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AL: That was per request by a couple of scouts. I decided, Why not?

DP: How far can you throw without the wind?

AL: Probably around 70 yards.

DP: You met with the Redskins. Did you at least get dinner out of it?

AL: I did not. We sat around and talked. It was very interesting. Very productive. They talked about the franchise. I talked a lot about myself. We had a good conversation.

DP: Yeah, but you expect to go to the Colts, don't you?

AL: I hope so, but that's a decision they have to make. We'll see what they do.

DP: Have you started negotiations yet?

AL: I have not.

DP: Did they tell you they're taking you?

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