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July 02, 2012
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July 02, 2012

Just My Type

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DE: We do the burnout for the fans in front of the grandstand and go to Victory Lane and do the hat danceā€”put on all the [sponsors'] hats and take pictures. After all that, we went home with family and friends and talked about it all night.

DP: How many hats do you have to put on in Victory Lane?

DE: Probably two dozen.

DP: At what point did you think, I'm going to win the race?

DE: I started thinking about that specifically with about 60 laps to go. I was looking in the mirror thinking, Someone's about to come up here and challenge us or steal it away. Somebody's going to get faster. But it just never happened. With about 60 laps to go I said, Maybe I'm the guy with the dominant car. That's when I started to get a little nervous.

DP: Was it more special to win on Father's Day?

DE: I hadn't even thought about it. I had a lot of people tell me it was a great Father's Day gift.

DP: If you have a son, will you want him to be a race car driver?

DE: Of course. I have a niece, and she races now, and I can't wait to spend all my money on her.

DP: Do you want her to race in NASCAR someday?

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