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July 23, 2012
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July 23, 2012

Just My Type

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MT: He listens to everything from rap to heavy metal to country. He's an interesting bird.

DP: Does Jeter have veto power?

MT: He has veto power over everything. But he doesn't use it that often. The music isn't such a big thing that he cares to use his power.

DP: Will anyone put on Mariah Carey to give Jeter a shot?

MT: Not too much Mariah Carey is played. The fun thing about Derek is he's getting up there. We try to have fun with him—kind of like you would with your older brother or even your dad.

DP: How can you make fun of Jeter?

MT: He loves it. Most people think Derek is this very square leader guy. He has fun too. That's the beauty of our team. Everyone thinks that we're a bunch of stiffs who play for the Yankees. We have as much fun as anybody.

DP: Do you guys give A-Rod grief? How about when he was in the newspaper getting a tan in Central Park?

MT: If someone is in the paper or a magazine and doing something out of character, you better believe we're cutting it out and putting it all over the clubhouse. We have a wall outside our weight room for fashion.

DP: What else is on that wall? Does it include women whom players have been linked to?

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