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THE CASE FOR ... Tim Tebow
August 13, 2012
If the New York Jets made dinner rolls, they would be the most polarizing dinner rolls in the world. This franchise could create a controversy in an empty room and start a firestorm with a blank sheet of paper. So when the Jets traded in March for professional talk-show topic Tim Tebow, it felt like the most Jets-like move in the team's history. Tebow will back up Mark Sanchez at quarterback, but at some point they will most likely share time, if not on the field then on the back page and, most assuredly, Page Six.
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August 13, 2012

The Case For ... Tim Tebow

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NFL dogma dictates that every team needs one quarterback—and only one. But contenders really need the best production they can get out of the position, even if it takes two people to provide it.

These Jets have earned their reputation for spiking the ball before they catch it, for worrying more about putting on a show than winning games. The irony of the Tebow trade is that it seems like just another scene in the show. But it gives the Jets a better chance to win.


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