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September 10, 2012
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September 10, 2012

Just My Type

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RW: I'm not surprised at all. I've done everything I can to be the best that I can possibly be.

DP: How's the relationship with fellow Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn?

RW: It's a good relationship. We're working for one goal and that's to win. We're very, very competitive in the sense that we just want to win every game that we play.

DP: What was the scene like when you found out you were the starter?

RW: Coach [Pete] Carroll was dribbling a basketball. I go up and talk to him; he gives me a hug and says, "You know, Russell, you've done a great job. You've come here, been a leader, you've done everything you can in terms of preparing the right way. And you've competed at a very, very high level, and I just want to let you know that you're the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks." I was fired up. Everybody said I was too short or I couldn't play in the National Football League. The fact that I put in all this hard work and all the things I've gone through in the past.... It's a dream come true.

DP: At any point while he's telling you that stuff, did you think he was going to end with Flynn as the starter?

RW: I wasn't really worried about it either way. I knew at some point I'd get the chance to play. I knew that I was ready to start.

DP: How did it go down when you told your wife you were starting?

RW: I pretty much slow-played it on her. I acted normal.

DP: What did you say to her?

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