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October 08, 2012
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October 08, 2012

Just My Type

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TL: I keep hearing that I did it to rehabilitate him and do a friend a favor. That's an insult. When you're a manager, the organization has entrusted you with the responsibility for its team. I have a lot of friends who want to coach. Mark was really talented, but he was absolutely clueless about hitting. Later in his career he got brilliant. During his injuries he was able to observe the game between pitcher, catcher and hitter. I thought, man, you got something to offer.

DP: Do you think McGwire will get into the Hall of Fame?

TL: I think there shouldn't be poster boys for who shouldn't get in. Right now [those are] Barry [Bonds], Roger [Clemens] and Mark. Either they all get in or none of them get in.

DP: Would you put them all in?

TL: I would make some kind of reference to the era and to the fact that it was enhanced. There were too many guys ... pitchers and hitters. How do you exclude them all?

DP: Why do managers wear uniforms?

TL: Baseball is the only sport where the coach goes onto the field. You make bullpen changes. You sometimes go out and argue a play. That's the only possible explanation.

DP: But some grown men don't belong in uniform.

TL: I don't dispute it. I would have been 100 percent comfortable making a pitching change in a pair of jeans.

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