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February 18, 2013
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February 18, 2013

Just My Type

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The Hall of Famer was 4--0 in Super Bowls. His Tide ad during the big game, featuring a Montana-shaped stain, was second in popularity according to USA Today's ad meter.

DAN PATRICK: How emotional did you get watching your former team in the Super Bowl?

JOE MONTANA: It was pretty fun. If they would just get off to a better start....

DP: Why did they start slowly in their last two games?

JM: They hadn't been there before. Guys get a little nervous. Next thing you know, they're trying too hard. They just have to relax a little bit.

DP: Should the Niners have had Colin Kaepernick run more to pressure the defense?

JM: [Running] makes me more nervous than anything. You get a young guy in the game, he's not going to think about protecting himself. You watch [running back] Frank Gore—a couple of times he went for 20 yards or more and tapped himself on the helmet to go out. A quarterback can't do that.

DP: What did you think of Joe Flacco's even-keeled approach?

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