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Just My Type
March 11, 2013
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March 11, 2013

Just My Type

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DR: You could tell that it's a job interview.

DP: Did teams ask what position you want to play?

DR: Yeah, they always ask me that. They were like, Are you sure you want to play receiver, and are you sure you don't want to play quarterback anymore? I'm like, yeah, I'm sure I want to be a receiver.

DP: Deep down, do you still want to play quarterback?

DR: It's not something I think about. If a coach asked me to do it, I'd probably do it. But right now I'm focused on being a receiver.

DP: But you might be an interesting player in a read-option system.

DR: If a team dream-drafts me and wants me to play quarterback, that's what I'll do.

DP: What about defensive back?

DR: Any coach who gives me a chance to get on the field, that's what I'm doing. If they draft me as a cornerback, let's go play corner.

DP: Were you nervous about the 40?

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