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Just My Type
March 25, 2013
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March 25, 2013

Just My Type

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CJ: I don't like to. They're too good. I need to be out there with a 14- or 15-handicapper. You play with those guys, it's like stepping into a poker game with five millionaires.

DP: Did veterans give you a hard time when you came up?

CJ: Oh, yes. I was a lot different then. I was really brash and cocky. Everybody wanted to put me in my place. If they could get me on the golf course or the poker table and school me, they certainly took the opportunity.

DP: Which of those pitchers did you miss the most?

CJ: Probably Doggy [Maddux], even though that man is probably the grossest human being ever put on this planet. But he entertained me. Glavine was the most mature of the three. Smoltzy and I have had our disagreements, but we're still great friends.

DP: To make sure teams leave you alone, why don't you Tweet a picture with your shirt off?

CJ: I'm looking at it in the mirror right now. It looks pretty good. I could probably get it where it needs to be in a couple of weeks.

DP: If you have someone mistake you for John Daly, then you know a return is out of the question.

CJ: I will shoot myself if that happens.

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