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March 25, 2013
I really enjoyed your Power Issue, but I was shocked to see that Sidney Crosby did not make your top 10 power players ranking. Crosby's influence on the NHL and on the city of Pittsburgh has been enormous. I doubt the Penguins would still be in Pittsburgh without him. They certainly would not have gotten their new arena in 2010 or have more than 250 consecutive sellouts. Even when he missed the majority of 2010--11 and '11--12 with concussion issues, he was still the face of hockey.
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March 25, 2013

The Mail

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Al Colmenero, Plymouth, Minn.

If you want to talk about who yields the most power in sports, you have to include fans in that discussion, who, as a group, control the economics of sports. Fans choose which athletic events they will attend, which merchandise they will buy, and which athletes and teams they will root for. If not for the fans, none of the people on your list would have any power to flex.

Howard Simon, Port Washington, N.Y.




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