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Just My Type
April 01, 2013
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April 01, 2013

Just My Type

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BU: My agents did talk to Minnesota. I think they talked to Dallas a little bit and Arizona a little bit early on. I don't think they talked to Denver. Are you throwing out a wish list for me?

DP: Which teams would be on your wish list?

BU: [Laughs.] How about Denver, Atlanta ... who else was good last year?

DP: What's the key for choosing your next team?

BU: I'm an old fart, so I want to go someplace I can win.

DP: So if the Packers made the best offer, you'd play for them?

BU: If I play for any team in the NFL, there's a possibility I'll have to play against the Bears, so yes, I guess I could—if it came down to it, I'd have to. Same with Minnesota.

DP: How many more years will you play?

BU: I'd like to say two. I finally feel good. Last off-season was so frustrating. This off-season I got to work out like normal. One or two ... maybe three. Maybe zero.

DP: One day when you go back to have your jersey retired in Chicago....

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