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In the Bag ... Bobby Jones
April 08, 2013
Which Jones quote do you like the most? The one about not robbing a bank? The one about playing the course between your ears? Or the one about the difference between regular golf and tournament golf? You know how they go, and they're all gold. Bobby Jones created our concept of competitive golf—the focus, the drive, the ethics, the standard of performance. Along the way he created Augusta National and the Masters too (page 63). His presence at each gave them their exalted position in the game. After all, the lifelong amateur won 13 major championships and the Grand Freaking Slam. And he did it all with equipment that could be as temperamental as the weather in St. Andrews. Jones could endure the inferior gear because he knew this: "Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots—but you have to play the ball where it lies." Boom. There's your new favorite.
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April 08, 2013

In The Bag ... Bobby Jones

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Dimple No. 8D The ball pictured is not one Jones played with but one marketed in his name years later.


Spalding Calamity Jane II (8°) 33½ inches, 15 ounces

Shaft: Hickory


After he retired, Jones invested in the South American arm of the Coca Cola Bottling Co., which necessitated annual trips to Paraguay and Uruguay. Once there, he peeked in on the operations and played a lot of golf. Eventually, hauling his clubs became so expensive that he had Spalding make him a set he could keep south of the border, including a one-of-a-kind stenciled bag. Jones later gave the clubs to Morton Hodgson, a Coke executive, who in turn donated them to Highlands (N.C.) Country Club.

COVERS Old-school canvas tied together with a rawhide strip


Reddy Tee

Jones favored the Reddy Tee (second from right), although it did have its drawbacks. During the 1930 U.S. Open at Interlachen, the temperature hit triple digits, causing the red dye from the tees in Jones's pants pocket to run. Concerned spectators thought he was bleeding on the course.

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