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The NFL Draft: Head to (Talking) Head
April 29, 2013
A scouting report on television's reigning NFL draft gurus
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April 29, 2013

The Nfl Draft: Head To (talking) Head

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Age 52 54
Hometown Baltimore Newtown Square, Pa.
Televisions owned 8 6
Best projection (in his opinion) Trent Dilfer, 1994 (Kiper projection: top 10 overall; drafted No. 6). "I would be lying to you if I didn't say I felt vindicated when Trent Dilfer led the Ravens to a Super Bowl or when he made a Pro Bowl." Aaron Rodgers, 2005 (Mayock projection: 24th overall; drafted 24th). "I like the research that went into Aaron Rodgers, especially because it was kind of out there at the time."
Worst pick (in his opinion) Chris Spielman, 1988 (Kiper projection: fourth round; drafted 29th overall). "I thought he would be a fourth-round pick or should be a fourth-round pick. He ended up being a second-round pick and was a heck of a player for the Detroit Lions." Maurice Jones-Drew, 2006 (Mayock projection: fourth round; drafted 60th overall). "That one really sticks in my craw because I did not do the homework there. I made the assumption based on some things I was told. I'm still upset with myself."
On Twitter? Yes (@MelKiperESPN) No
One word to describe the other guy Friend Prepared
One word to describe yourself Quirky Passionate

A scouting report on television's reigning NFL draft gurus

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