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April 29, 2013
Austin Murphy summed up the struggles Geno Smith is likely to have as a pro when he wrote that it took the West Virginia quarterback "more than half the season" to master coach Dana Holgorsen's offense. NFL offenses are exponentially more complex than their college counterparts. In 2013 teams just aren't willing to babysit a top pick while he figures things out.
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April 29, 2013

The Mail

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Cardinals' Virtues

Thank you, Louisville Cardinals, for perfectly personifying the meaning of a true team on your trip to the title (Three for All). Luke Winn described an inspired, unrelenting ensemble that overcame huge challenges on and off the court to reach their goal. The story helped remind us that passion, selflessness and commitment can lead to great things.

Eric Atwood, Marietta, Ga.

The juxtaposition of the articles on the special bond between the players at Louisville and Chris Mannix's story on Kentucky's reloading with one-and-done hopefuls (Stand-up Double) brought into focus the very different approaches taken by these archrivals. Being a graduate of one (Kentucky) but a fan of the other (Louisville), I'll only say it was a special treat watching the Cardinals' journey to the title this year.

Mike Risley, Louisville

The Voice

After reading Richard Deitsch's interview with Verne Lundquist (One-on-One ...) I added to my bucket list: have an "unsweetened ice tea" with Verne and Bill Raftery. Onions!

Mike Cooney, Dalton, Mass.



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