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May 27, 2013
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May 27, 2013

Just My Type

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PE: He may not want to be, but in today's game he's a center. And he's one of the best players who have played this game. He's slowing down. He may not be able to do it on a night-in-and-night-out basis, but he gives it to you when you need it.

DP: At their best, LeBron James or Larry Bird—who you got?

PE: That's tough. They're both great. Growing up in Boston, I wasn't a Celtics fan. Me and my friends said, Larry's terrible. The media is just hyping him up. He can't really jump that high. I finally got to the league, and I called my friends back home and said, Remember all that trash we were talking? That was nothing but trash. This man is the truth.

DP: What about LeBron?

PE: LeBron's a great player. I'm not even going to try to compare them. LeBron may be a better defender.

DP: What do you think Dwight Howard will do?

PE: I hope he stays [with the Lakers]. He has to settle down and pick one place and play like Dwight Howard is capable of playing. When I first got to Orlando [as an assistant coach], he dominated offensively and defensively.

DP: But he doesn't have a signature move, and his free throw shooting is terrible.

PE: He's been a horrible free throw shooter. He keeps changing. He needs to pick which way he wants to shoot it and shoot like that the rest of his career.

DP: Why hasn't anyone emulated Kareem's skyhook?

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