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My Bag ... Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller
June 10, 2013
Think technology doesn't play a bigger part in the game than it used to? When Johnny Miller won the 1973 U.S. Open by shooting a record-setting 63 in the final round (page 31), he did it using a mishmash of long-outdated sticks. "It was the oldest set of clubs [in relation] to the year it was played on Tour in the history of golf," Miller says. For the 40th anniversary of his magical round, Johnny takes us through his bag, noting the vintage of each club as he goes.
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June 10, 2013

My Bag ... Johnny Miller

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MacGregor Velocitized Tourney (1961) 10.5°

Shaft: True Temper Dynamic steel, X flex

"I had to have everything just right, so I refinished my clubs and refaced them. [Newer clubs] used persimmon that wasn't the hardwood. I wanted the heavier blocks that had a real tight grain."


MacGregor Tommy Armour (1941) three- and four-wood (15°, 19°)

Shafts: True Temper Dynamic steel, X flex


Acushnet Bulls Eye Old Standard (1952)

"No putter ever made feels better than a Bullseye. It's so soft. The ones before the late '60s had a heavier brass alloy, which kept them from getting dinged up all over."


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