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February 07, 2005 | Volume 102, Issue 5

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Tom Brady Cover - Sports Illustrated February 07, 2005

February 07, 2005
Face Off

February 07, 2005 | Steve Rushin
Please welcome, one final time, that mysterious visitor from the East--seer, sage, soothsayer--Carnac the Magnificent, who will ascertain, in his divine and mystical way, the answers to your...

February 07, 2005 | Tom Verducci
Slammin' Sammy Sosa? It's become a favorite pastime in Chicago, where disillusionment with the slugger forced the Cubs to all but give him away

February 07, 2005
Randy was dandy on last year's Super Bowl broadcast, but advertisers and network execs are now promising a cleaner show

February 07, 2005 | Brian Cazeneuve
An Olympic champ struggles to focus on racing following the death of his fiancée

February 07, 2005

February 07, 2005
SENTENCED To four months in federal prison, Ravens running back Jamal Lewis, who pleaded guilty in October to using a cellphone to try to set up a cocaine deal in 2000. Lewis, who originally...

February 07, 2005 | Albert Chen
Armed with a psych degree, a former hurler becomes the Red Sox' shrink

February 07, 2005 | Bill Scheft
Good to be here. I've been better. Last week I was disqualified from the Bob Hope for signing an incorrect cue card.

February 07, 2005 | Ron Jaworski
Ron Jaworski

February 07, 2005 | Lisa Altobelli
Mike Piazza is gay, and he doesn't care who knows it. No, not the Mets' catcher--he married former Baywatch babe and Playmate Alicia Rickter (left) in Florida last Saturday. But the 11-time...

February 07, 2005 | Lisa Altobelli
An Oklahoma state senator wants to legalize a form of cockfighting in which the birds wear tiny boxing gloves.

February 07, 2005 | Lisa Altobelli

February 07, 2005 | Amanda Cherrin
What to watch and watch for

February 07, 2005 | Mark Bechtel
In Pure Virginia Tech (Feb. 6 at 8 p.m., CSTV) the Hokies' Brooklyn-bred basketball coach, Seth Greenberg, stops off at a Blacksburg, Va., grocery store to pick up breakfast: a Diet Coke and a...

February 07, 2005
Justin Laury

February 07, 2005

February 07, 2005
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February 07, 2005
Whom should SI name as its NFL player of the year?

February 07, 2005 | KEITH TRAYLOR

February 07, 2005

February 07, 2005
[Based on a survey of 227 NBA players]

February 07, 2005 | Lisa Altobelli
Two Super Bowl--bound stars earn their stripes

February 07, 2005
Eagles DE Jerome McDougle and Patriots CB Eugene Wilson couldn't wait for Super Bowl XXXIX, so they played EA Sports Madden 2005 on XBox Live.

February 07, 2005 | Amanda Cherrin
With careful monitoring, the Tigers' Jason Johnson confronts his diabetes

February 07, 2005 | Quentin Richardson
What was your welcome-to-the-NBA moment? Right after the draft [in 2000] I was playing in Alonzo Mourning's charity event, Zo's Summer Groove, and already they had me doing rookie stuff. They had...

February 07, 2005 | RAJA BELL, Jazz Guard
"Guy walks into a store to get a bag of chips, and an old lady comes up, looking sad. She says, "You remind me exactly of my son, but he's not with us any more. Could you do me a little favor and...

February 07, 2005 | Adam Duerson
Schmooze with Swann, Skynyrd or Staubach: something Super for everyone

February 07, 2005 | Adam Duerson
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SUPER SWIMSUIT PARTY Seawalk Pavilion (1st Avenue North and 1st Street North, Jacksonville Beach); Feb. 5, 9 p.m. Expected guests: 2,000. SI swimsuit models Marisa Miller...

February 07, 2005
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February 07, 2005 | PETER KING
The NFL title game boils down to a battle between the innovative coaching staffs of New England's Bill Belichick and Philadelphia's Andy Reid. What strategy will they cook up, and which team's...

February 07, 2005 | Michael Silver
Friends and owners Robert Kraft and Jeffrey Lurie built their teams for the long run

February 07, 2005 | Jeffri Chadiha
Who knows where he'll line up next? The all-purpose back is Donovan McNabb's main man

February 07, 2005 | Josh Elliott
The onetime malcontent has never been happier--and the team's run game has never been better

February 07, 2005 | JACK MCCALLUM
With a pedal-to-the-metal attack led by MVP favorite Steve Nash, the red-hot Suns are forcing the NBA to reconsider its plodding ways

February 07, 2005 | GRANT WAHL
Ignited by a three-guard lineup, the top-ranked Illini have blown through opponents with surpassing ease. But will they have enough muscle in March?

February 07, 2005 | GRANT WAHL
IN THE FOUR YEARS since the NCAA began officially tracking turnovers, the highest assist-to-turnover ratio for a season has been 1.57 (Troy State, 2003--04). Through Sunday, Illinois, with deft...

February 07, 2005 | GRANT WAHL
The three-guard attack used by Illinois can be devastating--and risky

February 07, 2005 | L. JON WERTHEIM
Serena Williams and Marat Safin gave gut-check performances to win the Australian Open and make it clear that they intend to return to the top of the game

February 07, 2005 | CHRIS BALLARD
You can't watch the Super Bowl just anywhere. So SI went in search of the best sports watering holes in the land. The trip took us back to the joints of the past and gave us a glimpse of the bars...

February 07, 2005 | Chris Ballard
So many bars, so little time before last call. And yet, undaunted, SI's (Pabst) blue-ribbon panel set about the task of determining the best sports bars in America. First, we convened a...

February 07, 2005 | Charles P. Pierce
Before it closed in 1996, the Eliot Lounge in Boston was one of the best sports bars ever

February 07, 2005
The Week In Sports

February 07, 2005 | Tim Layden
Bouncing back from injuries and a midseason slump, Bode Miller kicked off the worlds with an impressive win

February 07, 2005 | Tim Layden
Bode Miller's win in last Saturday's Super G was his fourth career world championship victory, equaling the record for the most by a U.S. skier, held by Tamara McKinney (below). Here are the...

February 07, 2005 | Tim Layden

February 07, 2005 | Tim Layden

February 07, 2005 | Ian Thomsen
Intense? Sure. Controversial? You bet. But to the Nuggets, George Karl was the best hope for salvaging the season

February 07, 2005 | Ian Thomsen
On Cuttino Mobley, who joined the Kings in a Jan. 10 swap of shooting guards that sent Doug Christie to the Magic:

February 07, 2005 | Rick Reilly
Do not go to the Super Bowl looking for football. It has about as much to do with football now as Banana Republic has to do with fruit.

February 07, 2005