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November 25, 1985 | Volume 63, Issue 21

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Danny White Cover - Sports Illustrated November 25, 1985

November 25, 1985 | Edited by Craig Neff

November 25, 1985 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Tony DeMeo, the football coach at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa., after a game played in inclement weather: "It was so muddy, people planted rice at halftime."

November 25, 1985 | Paul Zimmerman

November 25, 1985 | E.M. Swift

November 25, 1985 | Rick Reilly

November 25, 1985 | Sam Moses
Swashbuckling George Morales drove his catamaran to win the World Offshore Championship

November 25, 1985 | Jaime Diaz
Bulgaria's own Georgi Glouchkov is about the only bright spot in the Suns' dismal 1-10 season

November 25, 1985 | Bob Kravitz

November 25, 1985 | Jill Lieber
It could turn out to be the play that costs the defending champion 49ers a playoff berth. On Nov. 11 a snowball flew from the stands in Denver just as Ray Wersching was about to attempt a 19-yard...

November 25, 1985 | Jill Lieber
Since 1982, rumors that Joe Montana supposedly uses drugs have been heard from time to time around the country. Some rumors have even found their way into print.

November 25, 1985 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: Jets Quarterback Ken O'Brien completed 23 of 30 passes for 367 yards and five touchdowns—and led New York to a team-record 41 first-half points—in a 62-28 victory over the Tampa Bay Bucs.

November 25, 1985 | Jack Falla
Toronto has had bad seasons, but they're getting to be a habit

November 25, 1985 | Alexander Wolff
Late-game aerial heroics by Robbie Bosco led BYU past unbeaten Air Force

November 25, 1985 | Hank Hersch
It's no longer a game of inches, folks. Try 10ths of seconds instead. On two of three long field goal attempts (one missed, one made), Georgia's Steve Crumley booted the ball 1.2 seconds after the...

November 25, 1985 | Hank Hersch
OFFENSE: George Swarn, a junior tailback, rushed for 326 yards—the most in Division I-A this season—on 41 carries and scored four touchdowns as Miami of Ohio defeated Eastern Michigan 31-16.

November 25, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
If you wonder what the secret is behind George Plimpton's Walter Mitty books, in which he plays with and against the pros in football, baseball and so on—books like Paper Lion, Out of My League...

November 25, 1985 | Gary Smith

November 25, 1985 | Rob Buchanan
The Age of Exploration had long since given way to the Age of Sightseeing when, in 1981, Richard Bangs made his way to Victoria Falls on Africa's Zambezi River. But Bangs hardly glanced at the...

November 25, 1985 | Michael Baughman
Nothing can shatter the calm of the Sea of Cortez, which Americans call the Gulf of California, quite like a hooked dorado. This one must have hit the trolled lure at full speed—40 mph, according...

November 25, 1985 | Joy Duckett Cain
Four young auto-racing fans gathered by the door of the towering black 18-wheeler and gazed with admiration at the man inside. "So you don't like football no more?" asked one as he handed the man...

November 25, 1985 | Timothy Foote
It's hard not to feel a twinge of regret when a whizzo idea you had years ago, and did nothing to promote, suddenly makes a fortune for its inventors.

November 25, 1985 | Compiled by JAMES E. REYNOLDS
PRO BASKETBALL—Kareem Abdul Jabbar signed a one-year extension on his contract, committing himself to an unprecedented 18th season in the NBA. Jabbar's Pacific Division-leading Lakers celebrated...

November 25, 1985
PAT JOHNSTONMIAMIA 1-0 victory over Virginia gave Duke goal-tender Johnston, a senior, his 44th career shutout, an NCAA record. The previous record of 43 shutouts was set from 1976 to '79 by Peter...

November 25, 1985 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE LAW, TEXAS-STYLESir:Three cheers for the Lone Star State! What with Jim Wacker (What Kind Of Fool Am I? Nov. 4) and House Bill 72 (SCORECARD, in the same issue), Texans have two reasons to be...