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June 12, 2006 | Volume 104, Issue 24

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Dwyane Wade Cover - Sports Illustrated June 12, 2006

June 12, 2006
No, Wie Can't

June 12, 2006
Prince Albert

June 12, 2006 | Steve Rushin
The average American eats three hamburgers a week, 16 orders of French fries a month, 25 pounds of candy a year ... and is profoundly uninterested in the World Cup. Soccer, it appears, is the only...

June 12, 2006 | Richard Hoffer
An athlete's suffering can be instructive, even inspiring. But our emotions spill over at the sight of an injured horse

June 12, 2006 | L. Jon Wertheim
A new documentary goes deep behind the scenes of high school hoops

June 12, 2006
Retained By Nikolai Valuev, 32, his WBA heavyweight belt, with a third-round knockout of Owen Beck. The 7-foot, 321-pound Russian (44--0) floored the smaller Jamaican (Beck was giving up 101/2...

June 12, 2006 | Richard Deitsch
The actor, 36, plays a cook in a Mexican orphanage who moonlights as a wrestler in Nacho Libre, which opens June 16

June 12, 2006 | Adam Duerson
Red Sox G.M. Theo Epstein has a thing for disguises. In 2005 he ducked out of Fenway Park in a gorilla suit after (temporarily) quitting his job, and last week he went to a Pearl Jam show in...

June 12, 2006 | Chris Mannix
What to watch and watch for

June 12, 2006
Markish Jones COWPENS, S.C. > Track and Field Markish, a junior at Broome High, won the 100-, 200- and 400-meter dashes and the long jump at the South Carolina High School 2A track and...

June 12, 2006 | As told to Lisa Altobelli

June 12, 2006

June 12, 2006
Who is the toughest pitcher you ever faced?

June 12, 2006
Hurricanes Defenseman

June 12, 2006 | Ben Reiter
They need less than five seconds to travel a quarter mile, but drag racers Melanie Troxel and Tommy Johnson Jr. didn't rush into love. In 1986 Troxel was a 13-year-old tomboy when she met the...

June 12, 2006
[This article contains a table. Please see hard copy or pdf.] How do sports stars fit in?

June 12, 2006 | Reported by Matthew Waxman
Getting on base means a chance to gab, gossip and get advice

June 12, 2006 | CHRIS BALLARD
Twelve months after his breakout performance in the postseason, Miami's Dwyane Wade has made an even bigger jump: to headline act of a star-studded NBA Finals

June 12, 2006 | CHRIS BALLARD
Complete coverage of the Finals, plus Fast Breaks and the Playoff Blog, at

June 12, 2006 | Jack McCallum
The best pure shooter for a big man since Larry Bird, Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki may no longer be the most overlooked superstar in the NBA by the time the championship series is over

June 12, 2006 | PHIL TAYLOR
Diamondbacks righthander Brandon Webb started 8-0 and has stamped himself a Cy Young Award candidate thanks to a devastating sinker that's laying hitters low

June 12, 2006 | PHIL TAYLOR
For more from Phil Taylor, check out the Hot Button every Wednesday at

June 12, 2006 | Tom Verducci
As he tuned up for his return to the Astros, Roger Clemens's first pitches were fittingly to his son Koby, a Houston minor leaguer and one of many reasons the future Hall of Famer donned a...

June 12, 2006 | Albert Chen
Most pitchers rely on deception to keep hitters guessing, but like Brandon Webb, these six thrive with a signature pitch that gives hitters fits--even though they know it's coming

June 12, 2006 | YI-WYN YEN
With his leadership and game-winning goals, workaholic center Rod Brind'Amour may be willing the Hurricanes to the title

June 12, 2006 | Pierre McGuire
FORWARDS Carolina's skill level is higher, as is evident when Eric Staal carries the puck or launches rocketlike shots. The Hurricanes have a nice corps of veterans, including slick passer Doug...

June 12, 2006 | GRANT WAHL
Imagine that every four years a monthlong tournament united the planet in an all-consuming passion that transcended barriers. Stop imagining. It's here

June 12, 2006 | NUNYO DEMASIO
The intensity that made Carolina's Steve Smith an All-Pro wideout has also earned him a reputation as a hothead. He's trying hard to harness the heat

June 12, 2006 | NUNYO DEMASIO
For a photo gallery of next season's breakout stars, go to

June 12, 2006 | Alan Shipnuck
JUNE 15-18, 2006 MAMARONECK, N.Y.

June 12, 2006 | Anonymous

June 12, 2006
The Week In Sports

June 12, 2006 | L. Jon Wertheim
Paris ER With all the no-shows and losses due to injury at the French Open, the game was looking as hazardous as a contact sport

June 12, 2006 | Albert Chen
Wells-Balanced A swing makeover got Vernon Wells off to a blazing start, giving the Blue Jays one of the league's most potent lineups

June 12, 2006 | Tom Verducci

June 12, 2006 | Lars Anderson
Getting Close With a strong second-place run at Dover, newly confident Jamie McMurray continued his climb toward contender

June 12, 2006 | Rick Reilly
And so ends another banner climbing season at the world's highest graveyard, Mount Everest.

June 12, 2006 | Rick Reilly
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