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August 05, 2008

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Donny Anderson Cover - Sports Illustrated August 05, 2008

August 05, 2008 | Dan Jenkins
In its glory years, which ran from 1929 through 1959, when the college game ruled, TCU was the best team in the Southwest Conference, and Fort Worth was the football capital of the universe

August 05, 2008 | John Ed Bradley
In tiny Texas towns such as Zephyr and Gordon, six-man high school football is the biggest game around

August 05, 2008
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August 05, 2008 | Douglas S. Looney
Texas high school superstar Ken Hall flamed out at A&M, but that's not where the story ends

August 05, 2008 | Douglas S. Looney
At Texas A&M, where tradition reigns supreme, a daring coach called upon the student body—jocks and bookworms and cadets—to come together on the football field as a living symbol of what...

August 05, 2008 | Dan Jenkins
Traveling to four football games in three days was pretty close to heaven for four of St. Darrell's disciples

August 05, 2008 | Tim Layden
The pass-catch combo of Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson has given the Texans pop—and promise

August 05, 2008 | Andrew Lawrence
After an injury-ravaged 2007, the Texans are healthy, happy and hoping for a playoff run

August 05, 2008
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August 05, 2008 | Bruce Newman
Raised in Tyler by a noble mama, Earl Campbell escaped abject poverty to become a Texas icon

August 05, 2008 | Gene Menez
You can't grow up in the Lone Star State without football becoming an integral part of your life

August 05, 2008 | Dan Jenkins
Runner, receiver, kick returner and more, the Golden Palomino carried Texas Tech on a memorable ride

August 05, 2008 | Edwin Shrake
Believe it or not, Tom Landry teemed with emotion. He just preferred to be the picture of poise

August 05, 2008 | John Papanek
With backs Eric Dickerson and Craig James, SMU always had a fresh Mustang to ride

August 05, 2008 | Rick Telander
Mike Singletary left an unholy trail of cracked-up football helmets from Houston to Waco to Chicago

August 05, 2008 | Austin Murphy
The unstoppable Vince Young returned Texas to the top with a dazzling performance against USC

August 05, 2008 | Elizabeth McGarr
From small-town high school fields to the big-city house with a hole in its roof, nothing can beat the colorful imagery of autumn football weekends in the Lone Star State

August 05, 2008 | Adam Duerson
From Longhorns to Horned Frogs to Cougars and Cowboys, SI had football in Texas well-covered