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August 03, 2009 | Volume 111, Issue 5

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Mark Buehrle Cover - Sports Illustrated August 03, 2009

August 03, 2009
The residents of Parkersburg, Iowa, are in fine hands—their own. It seems that they took the strength and grace of coach Ed Thomas's example to heart, and his spirit is alive and well.

August 03, 2009 | DAMON HACK
Run out of Dallas, T.O. may finally have found the perfect stage for his act: Buffalo

August 03, 2009

August 03, 2009

August 03, 2009 | Jordan Conn
The UFL isn't going overboard in a bid to make a lasting place for itself

August 03, 2009 | Jordan Conn
Bookies in England are offering 100-to-1 odds that one of Roger Federer's twin daughters, who were born last Thursday, will win Wimbledon by the time they turn 25.

August 03, 2009
After being shot in an apparent robbery, boxer Vernon Forrest . The 2002 magazine fighter of the year was 38. According to police in Atlanta, Forrest was putting air in the tires of his Jaguar...

August 03, 2009
Amount David Beckham was fined by MLS for getting into a verbal altercation with a Galaxy fan in his first game at Home Depot Center this season; the fan was banned from the stadium for life.

August 03, 2009
Newly inducted Hall of Famer, on why he had someone help him write the speech he gave in Cooperstown:

August 03, 2009 | Joe Lemire
A midnight carnival highlights a busy week of Yankees charity efforts

August 03, 2009
(THE VAULT, page 74).

August 03, 2009
What smart fans should do this week

August 03, 2009
The decision Anosike refers to, of course, is Romo's ending his two-year relationship with Jessica Simpson . Jones thinks Romo could use a change: "Dallas fans are rough," he said. "All of the...

August 03, 2009 | Dan Patrick

August 03, 2009
Harbin, at 81 years and seven months, became the oldest woman to bowl a sanctioned perfect game according to the U.S. Bowling Congress. Competing in the Bill Stivers senior summer mixed league...

August 03, 2009 | Rebecca Shore
A big win for the first family of Soap Box

August 03, 2009 | JOE SHEEHAN
Matt Holliday won't make Albert Pujols a better hitter, but he does make the Cards the NL Central favorite

August 03, 2009 | CHRIS MANNIX
At the competitive USA Basketball tryouts, Kevin Durant showed the stuff that Dream Teams are made of

August 03, 2009 | ANDREW LAWRENCE
She was happy to be a part-timer in Indiana, but now Tully Bevilaqua, 37, is leading the league's top team

August 03, 2009 | LARS ANDERSON
After a penalty, Juan Pablo Montoya lost the race at Indy but not the poise that has made him a contender

August 03, 2009

August 03, 2009 | LEE JENKINS
On an afternoon when everything could've—maybe should've—gone wrong, everything went perfectly right. Here's why Mark Buehrle's masterpiece goes down as this season's coolest moment

August 03, 2009 | JOE LEMIRE
Done in by only the tiniest of imperfections, these men fell just short of the ultimate

August 03, 2009 | AUSTIN MURPHY
won his second Tour, but on a thrilling final Saturday, held his own on Mont Ventoux and confirmed that, at 37, he's back in gear

August 03, 2009 | GEORGE DOHRMANN
In the age of Facebook, Twitter and texting, top prospect was still courted through thousands of postal deliveries from college coaches. Is the annual flood of letters effective—or a waste of paper?

August 03, 2009 | AUSTIN MURPHY
Is he ? That's up for debate. What isn't in question is his determination to help turn the upstart Falcons into Super Bowl contenders

August 03, 2009 | MICHAEL MEYER

August 03, 2009

August 03, 2009 | PETER KING
SI's fearless NFL expert opines on all the latest news, buzz and inside information. This is a taste of what you'll get online.

August 03, 2009 | SELENA ROBERTS
for now, Kodie Stringer is a scaled-down model of his father, Korey. "My [husband's] Mini-Me," as his mother, Kelci, puts it. At age 11, growing at the rate of a magic beanstalk—today he stands...