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October 05, 2009 | Volume 111, Issue 13

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Mariano Rivera Cover - Sports Illustrated October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009 | JOE POSNANSKI
Diamondbacks slugger Mark Reynolds strikes out at a record rate. Big deal

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009
Thanks to a foreign savior, the Nets' Brooklyn dream is still alive

October 05, 2009
Former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson is hosting an interior decorating show on A&E called .

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009
Mining the Library of Congress's baseball archives

October 05, 2009 | Pablo S. Torre
When females with crossbows attack

October 05, 2009
A year of weird MLB injuries

October 05, 2009
What smart fans should do this week

October 05, 2009
Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror masterpiece starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall still makes Jackson uneasy. "It scares me to death," says the five-year NFL veteran. "It's one of those movies...

October 05, 2009 | Dan Patrick

October 05, 2009 | Edited by ELIZABETH MCGARR

October 05, 2009 | JIM TROTTER
In the never-ending mind game between QB and DB, the pump-fake is the passer's secret weapon

October 05, 2009 | Peter King
Who would have thought a month ago that the most compelling game of Week 4 would be the 3--0 Jets at the 3--0 Saints? Or that New York's rookie quarterback, , would be nearly as indispensable to...

October 05, 2009 | DAVID SABINO
Scouring the unemployment line in search of a steal? These neglected players can spruce up your roster

October 05, 2009 | LARS ANDERSON
Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour has run and passed for more yards than Tim Tebow (without the attention)

October 05, 2009 | Gene Menez
Wanted: a Heisman front-runner. The competition was expected to be dominated by the holy trinity of quarterbacks— of Oklahoma, of Texas and of Florida—but that hasn't happened thanks to injury...

October 05, 2009 | MARK BEECH
With a dominating win at Dover, Jimmie Johnson served notice that his drive for a fourth Cup is in high gear

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009 | CHRIS MANNIX
His retirement over, the highly unorthodox Vitali Klitschko reaffirmed his place among the top heavyweights

October 05, 2009 | TOM VERDUCCI
As the gates swing open upon another October, baseball will once again attempt to divine one of the game's great mysteries: how a man, closing fast on 40 and armed with but a single pitch,...

October 05, 2009 | DAMON HACK
The test for in 2009 is to remain competitive at the highest level while working in new players and new schemes. All just part of the coach's grand plan

October 05, 2009 | ALBERT CHEN
Bearcats coach has tirelessly pitched the program's potential to players and fans. Now the team has its first top 10 ranking, and there's buzz about a BCS title run

October 05, 2009 | L. JON WERTHEIM
After an improbable rise to the NBA and a costly misstep, the spirited Chris Andersen soars in the eyes of Nuggets fans

October 05, 2009 | MICHAEL FARBER
Four decades after the NHL's landmark expansion, the Original Six teams remain the soul and the economic engine of the league. And for the first time in 30 seasons two of them could meet in the finals

October 05, 2009 | Sarah Kwak
G.M. Garth Snow took John Tavares with the first pick of the June draft in Montreal, the video board in the Bell Centre aired a feed from Nassau Coliseum in New York, where 10,000 fans had...

October 05, 2009 | MICHAEL FARBER
Stanley Cup finals between Pittsburgh and Detroit, the penalty box had about the same occupancy rate as the Bates Motel. When quizzed about the laissez-faire officiating—the finals' 5.3 power...

October 05, 2009 | Sarah Kwak
for the 2010 Winter Olympics due by late December, dozens of borderline candidates for the Games—such as Canadian defensemen Duncan Keith (Blackhawks), Marc Staal (Rangers) and Brent Burns (Wild,...

October 05, 2009 | Sarah Kwak
Alexei Yashin, then Jaromir Jagr; now Sergei Fedorov and Sergei Zubov have moved to the Russian Kontinental Hockey League. And by signing 25-year-old Red Wings forward Jiri Hudler in July, the...

October 05, 2009
Move over Penguins and Red Wings. The Blackhawks and captain Jonathan Toews are young, fast and ready to win it all

October 05, 2009 | Atlantic Scouting Reports by SARAH KWAK

October 05, 2009 | Northeast Scouting Reports by MICHAEL FARBER

October 05, 2009 | Southeast Scouting Reports by SARAH KWAK

October 05, 2009 | Central Scouting Reports by KOSTYA KENNEDY

October 05, 2009 | Northwest Scouting Reports by BRIAN CAZENEUVE

October 05, 2009 | Pacific Scouting Reports by SARAH KWAK

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009 | PETER KING
SI's fearless NFL expert opines on all the latest news, buzz and inside information. This is just a taste of what you'll get online.

October 05, 2009 | SELENA ROBERTS
shadows were playing tricks on Tiger Woods's Sunday image. True, his unbuff peers hashed around with bodies as slim as flag pins and paunches like lowercase b's as Tiger strode among them with a...

October 05, 2009

October 05, 2009 | MIROSLAV HOLUB
What would Olympic golf mean? Here's a report from the game's frontier

October 05, 2009 | MIROSLAV HOLUB

October 05, 2009 | Dottie Pepper
As interim commissioner of the LPGA, has been a stabilizing influence, but as we get closer to the announcement of a full-time replacement for , I have one really big idea I think he or she...

October 05, 2009 | GARY VAN SICKLE
won the Tour Championship, but concluded the '09 season by raking in golf's biggest pot