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February 08, 2010 | Volume 112, Issue 5

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Lindsey Vonn Cover - Sports Illustrated February 08, 2010

February 08, 2010
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February 08, 2010
Super Sundays

February 08, 2010
Prince William Australian Open

February 08, 2010 | PETER KING
SI's fearless NFL expert opines on all the latest news, buzz and inside information. This is just a taste of what you'll get online.

February 08, 2010 | CHRIS BALLARD
Joe Carbone looks at the clock and steadies himself. They are coming.

February 08, 2010 | JOE POSNANSKI
Give it up for Steve Sabol, who over 40 years has transformed the NFL with pop art

February 08, 2010
Who's Hot

February 08, 2010

February 08, 2010 | Peter King
Yes, Kurt Warner may be ticketed for Canton—after due deliberation

February 08, 2010 | Peter King
The German Bundesliga team Hamburg is building a soccer-themed cemetery with a goal-shaped entrance and tiered plots sculpted to resemble stadium seating.

February 08, 2010

February 08, 2010
Andy Murray

February 08, 2010

February 08, 2010 | Andy Staples
Recruits who've made their choice shouldn't have to wait for Signing Day to sign

February 08, 2010 | Ben Reiter
Super Bowl halftime has become a rockers' old-age home

February 08, 2010 | Dan Patrick
The Interview

February 08, 2010 | Edited by ELIZABETH MCGARR
Jacob Dalton

February 08, 2010 | L. JON WERTHEIM
Serena Williams and Roger Federer won the Australian Open singles titles with guts as much as shots

February 08, 2010 | CHRIS MANNIX
With potential suitors wary of his salary demands, Phoenix is having trouble moving Amar'e Stoudemire

February 08, 2010 | KELLI ANDERSON
Buoyed by their coach's triumphant return from cancer, the Cougars are having a season to remember

February 08, 2010 | SETH DAVIS
DeMarcus Cousins is fast becoming the country's best center. Last week Kentucky's 6'11" freshman had a total of 48 points and 22 rebounds against South Carolina and Vanderbilt, and he hits better...

February 08, 2010 | TIM LAYDEN
Though at times it takes an unusual guise, New Orleans never hides its passion for and loyalty to its NFL team. The 43-year saga of football in the Big Easy has been a long, strange trip from sad...

February 08, 2010 | PETER KING
Sure, the Saints can prevail. All their defense has to do is outsmart Peyton Manning

February 08, 2010 | LEE JENKINS
The critical question for the Colts: Will Dwight Freeney be ready?

February 08, 2010
America's Unstoppable Skier

February 08, 2010 | Tim Layden
She's been bumped, bruised and emotionally battered. But irrepressible—and impossibly fast—Lindsey Vonn keeps bouncing back, and the world's most versatile skier is now set to chase multiple golds...

February 08, 2010 | ALEXANDER WOLFF
Four years after triumph and turbulence in Turin, Shani Davis still stands—and skates—apart from the U.S. team. But that hasn't kept him from becoming America's best male skater since Eric Heiden

February 08, 2010
For every story about someone such as Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who has dedicated himself to helping rebuild New Orleans, there are at least two about athletes like Gilbert Arenas and Mark...

February 08, 2010 | BRIAN CAZENEUVE
America's eclectic new batch of Olympians includes athletes from 36 states, a ski jumper who's afraid to fly, a mandolinist, a luger born in Venezuela, a skier who once subsisted on spinach...

February 08, 2010 | REBECCA SUN
These Olympics will be a three-ring spectacle, with competition not only in city settings but also at two mountain hubs. The biggest worries: the bill to taxpayers and the possibility of warm,...

February 08, 2010 | S.L. PRICE
It's the moment hockey's Next One was made for: a chance at a gold medal on Canadian ice—with losing not an option. Now Sidney Crosby will really find out what it's like to be the center of attention

February 08, 2010
Disaster Relief

February 08, 2010 | Michael Farber
The Sid-and-Alex rivalry could get very personal in Vancouver

February 08, 2010 | MICHAEL FARBER
If the home team doesn't win hockey gold, much of the nation will mourn the Games as a failure

February 08, 2010 | BRIAN CAZENEUVE
A full rundown on the 86 events and 258 medals up for grabs over the 17 days of the Vancouver Games

February 08, 2010 | Michael Bamberger
Is Phil playing fair? When will Tiger return? How's Golf Channel doing? What will happen by 2020?

February 08, 2010 | MICHAEL BAMBERGER
The golf season doesn't begin with a tournament in Hawaii or the spring thaw. The new year really starts in the dead of winter, when the industry convenes for several hope-filled days of show-and-tell

February 08, 2010 | ALAN SHIPNUCK
A change in groove rules for irons is putting the guesswork back into the professional game, and—trickle be damned—that's not necessarily a bad thing

February 08, 2010 | MARY ANN SARAZEN
My dad didn't really invent the sand wedge, but he did bring the club and bunker play into the modern era

February 08, 2010 | JAMES P. HERRE
Welcome to the first-ever SPORTS ILLUSTRATED GOLF+ Equipment Issue. You might wonder why, after 16 years of mostly writing about the people who play golf, SI GOLF+ decided to devote an entire...

February 08, 2010
SI GOLF+ asked the 10 premier clubmakers in the world this question: Which products are you most proud of this season? Here are their selections for Gear of the Year

February 08, 2010
The manufacturer known for its hybrid technology rolls out a trio of clubs in its Idea line, each designed to help golfers of different skill levels

February 08, 2010
Isn't every golfer looking for an Edge? Now you can take your pick of driver, iron, hybrid or fairway metal

February 08, 2010
It's a good thing when the staff of a golf company speaks with one voice. It's even better when that voice is Boo Weekley's. So without further ado, here's Boo's take on the 2010 line

February 08, 2010
No matter your skill level, any golfer can find the right driver, irons and fairway metals here

February 08, 2010
The men behind the designs break down the features of four new irons and unveil a custom-fitting system that matches a shaft to a player's swing profile

February 08, 2010
Two Tour stars and an ace club designer talk drivers and irons

February 08, 2010
The granddaddy of perimeter weighting unveils updated lines of irons, drivers and hybrids, plus 10 elegant putters

February 08, 2010
The driver company ups the ante with two new cannons, in addition to updated irons and an innovative wedge and ball

February 08, 2010
How do you improve an already popular line of irons? In the case of the AP1 and AP2, you focus on feel

February 08, 2010
A new iron set features a Half-and-Half shaft that combines the strengths of steel with the feel of graphite

February 08, 2010 | MICHAEL BAMBERGER
Want to make a small fortune in the golf business? Start with a large fortune. Having learned that lesson, one SI scribe appeals to the Oracle of Omaha for a takeover

February 08, 2010 | KEVIN COOK
The story of golf gear is a long march of progress—from goose feathers to this month's birdies

February 08, 2010 | ALAN SHIPNUCK
Expected to carry the mantle on Tour in Tiger's absence, Phil Mickelson got all the headlines during his 2010 debut, but not for anything he did on the course

February 08, 2010 | CAMERON MORFIT
Showing a quiet confidence, plodding Ben Crane picked up his third Tour win at Torrey Pines