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October 18, 2010 | Volume 113, Issue 14

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Josh Luchs Cover - Sports Illustrated October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010
Jim Thome's season is emblematic of the outstanding career he's had since coming up with the Indians in 1991. Thome has produced year after year and helped his teams reach the playoffs nine times....

October 18, 2010 | PHIL TAYLOR
Scold or sage, Tony Dungy takes on the big issues with sincerity

October 18, 2010
Who's Hot

October 18, 2010
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October 18, 2010 | Michael Farber
Atlanta's Thrashers set an NHL record for player diversity

October 18, 2010 | Michael Farber
New Mexico State's campus was littered last week with flyers urging female students to refrain from having sex with members of the football team—who had been outscored 184--47 en route to an 0--4...

October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010
Carlos Boozer

October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010 | Bryan Armen Graham
The other football makes a move toward gaming supremacy with the latest installment of FIFA Soccer

October 18, 2010 | Pablo S. Torre
This week's debut of The T. Ocho Show, a reality program featuring Bengals wideouts Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco (Oct. 12, 10:30 p.m. ET, on Versus) raises the question, What more is there to...

October 18, 2010 | Dan Patrick
The Interview

October 18, 2010
Armond Smith

October 18, 2010 | Brian Cazeneuve
Iraq's best rowers enjoy a U.S. swing

October 18, 2010 | ANDREW LAWRENCE
While they wait for safety Ed Reed to return, the Ravens are atop the AFC thanks to their tenacious D

October 18, 2010 | Peter King
It's mid-October, and Tampa Bay (3--1) is a half-game ahead of Super Bowl champion New Orleans (3--2). The Saints' two top running backs, Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas, are injured, and Drew Brees...

October 18, 2010 | DAVID SABINO
Trading for big names shakes up two teams' depth charts and provides opportunities for some emerging players

October 18, 2010 | DAVID SABINO
Even though we're through Week 5, the season is still young from a football perspective. Teams are starting to get comfortable with what works for them, and players are settling into their roles....

October 18, 2010 | ANDY STAPLES
By upsetting Alabama, a young Gamecocks team showed that in the SEC East nothing is finer than Carolina

October 18, 2010 | ANDY STAPLES
To watch an interview with Badgers coach Bret Bielema before Saturday's showdown between No. 18 Wisconsin and No. 1 Ohio State, go to For highlights of the interview, snap a...

October 18, 2010 | STEWART MANDEL
Nebraska redshirt freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez showed dazzling speed in a 242-yard, four-TD rushing performance against Kansas State. On Saturday he goes up against the most athletic...

October 18, 2010 | MICHAEL FARBER
Control-hungry coaches are appointing captains rather than letting players choose, with mixed results

October 18, 2010 | PIERRE MCGUIRE
Hurricanes star forward Eric Staal was the victim of several inexplicable cheap shots during a preseason game against SKA St. Petersburg in Russia on Oct. 4. Staal, who left after the first 30...

October 18, 2010 | Tom Verducci
Yes, the Phillies and the Yankees swept. But several veterans making their October debuts—and, in the case of Philadelphia ace Roy Halladay, making history—ensured that this won't be the same old...

October 18, 2010 | Ben Reiter
Phil Hughes has had many labels in his short career. Add "reliable October starter" to the list

October 18, 2010 | TERRY MCDONELL
The cover is the face of any magazine, the first thing readers see, the place where the editors declare their intentions. This week's cover announces an exclusive look into the complicated and...

October 18, 2010
Founder: Henry R. Luce 1898--1967

October 18, 2010 | Jim Trotter
With a host of highly drafted—and massively compensated—young players, including a pair of potential franchise quarterbacks, the Rams and the Lions illustrate the challenges of pro football's...

October 18, 2010 | Peter King
A war of words over a new labor agreement has already begun, as NFL owners and players stake out their sides and make their cases in the looming battle over how to divvy up billions of dollars....

October 18, 2010
Like a binary star, the NFL has dual centers of energy: Roger Goodell's league office and DeMaurice Smith's players association. All else—owners, agents, media, fans—revolves around that mutually...

October 18, 2010 | Michael Rosenberg
Ravens coach John Harbaugh and his younger brother, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, grew up competing at just about everything, but they are each other's staunchest supporters

October 18, 2010 | Josh Luchs
This man says he paid thousands of dollars to dozens of college football players. Whatever they needed—a concert ticket, a free trip, a meal—he gave them, all in violation of NCAA rules. Now he...

October 18, 2010
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October 18, 2010
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October 18, 2010 | CHRIS BALLARD
The irony of what happened to Scott Dolezal on the morning of Aug. 1, 2009, is that he was in the best shape of his life.