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February 07, 2011 | Volume 114, Issue 5

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Roger Goodell Cover - Sports Illustrated February 07, 2011

February 07, 2011
Founder: Henry R. Luce 1898--1967

February 07, 2011
While it's hard to imagine that referees are completely unbiased in the face of crazed home court fans, there is one type of "homer" officiating that I find particularly egregious but still...

February 07, 2011
The annual SI Swimsuit Issue will be published in mid-February. If you're a subscriber and would prefer not to receive it, call our customer service center toll free at 1-800-528-5000 and let us...

February 07, 2011 | KELLI ANDERSON
College coaches focus their game on a personal opponent

February 07, 2011
Tracking the week's news both inside and outside the confines of cool

February 07, 2011 | Elizabeth McGarr
NASCAR's revamped scoring system should bring clarity to the Cup race

February 07, 2011 | Elizabeth McGarr
A University of Connecticut donor last week demanded that the school refund his $3 million gift because he felt that he hadn't been adequately consulted on the football team's hiring of a new coach.

February 07, 2011

February 07, 2011

February 07, 2011
Torstein Horgmo

February 07, 2011 | Grant Wahl
Football fans are infusing the political unrest in Egypt with grass-roots power

February 07, 2011 | Grant Wahl
Riding the roller coaster that is the life of a Chicago Bears quarterback

February 07, 2011 | Dan Patrick
Michael Strahan

February 07, 2011 | Edited by ALEXANDRA FENWICK
Parrish West

February 07, 2011 | Alexandra Fenwick
A new sports-related play is in the wings

February 07, 2011 | ANDREW LAWRENCE
With a newly mature outlook and game, a fit, focused Novak Djokovic won his second Australian Open

February 07, 2011 | PABLO S. TORRE
Teammates and their families, even the NCAA, helped a Kansas forward during an unbelievably tragic stretch

February 07, 2011 | SETH DAVIS
The national player of the year award is Jimmer Fredette's to lose. The senior guard's 43 points in BYU's win over San Diego State puts him in front of UConn guard Kemba Walker, who has shot 32.4%...

February 07, 2011 | BRIAN CAZENEUVE
With the trade deadline approaching, the rebuilding Flames should deal Jarome Iginla to a contender

February 07, 2011 | PIERRE MCGUIRE
The recent attempt by the Red Wings to bring in goalie Evgeni Nabokov (they lost him to a waiver claim by the Islanders) is an indication that Detroit is less than thrilled with the play of Jimmy...

February 07, 2011 | CHRIS MANNIX
Timothy Bradley beat Devon Alexander, but once again boxing failed to get the big win it was hoping for

February 07, 2011 | Peter King
A politician's son who rose from intern to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell presides over a multibillion-dollar juggernaut that will revel in its own success down in Dallas. Afterward, though,...

February 07, 2011 | Damon Hack
A humbled Ben Roethlisberger returned from his suspension intent on proving he'd changed. He could win his third ring on Sunday in Dallas, but winning back the fans remains a work in progress

February 07, 2011 | MATT GAGNE
Thirteen years into a stellar career, Charles Woodson remade his game. The result: a shot at a Super Bowl ring

February 07, 2011 | Peter King
Both quarterbacks excel at making big plays on the run. Whichever D does the better job of stopping them will come out on top in Dallas

February 07, 2011 | JIM TROTTER
These five matchups will help shape the course of Super Bowl XLV

February 07, 2011 | Pablo S. Torre
Huskies guard Isaiah Thomas—with an assist from former NBA star Isiah Thomas—has become the driving force for Pac-10 power Washington

February 07, 2011 | L. Jon Wertheim
Brian Wilson knows he might seem a little out there. But behind his frighteningly black beard, the Giants' postseason hero is a deep thinker—and one of the game's best closers

February 07, 2011 | Chris Ballard

February 07, 2011 | JOE POSNANSKI
My day begins with the sun reflecting off the remaining snow in the front yard, with the girls moving way too slow to catch the school bus and with tennis star Serena Williams sending along a...

February 07, 2011 | ALAN SHIPNUCK
With a down-to-the-wire win, eccentric Bubba Watson proved that he has the game to compete at the highest level, while a rejuvenated Phil Mickelson showed that life can begin at 40. But the...

February 07, 2011 | ALAN SHIPNUCK
First Rank

February 07, 2011 | ALAN SHIPNUCK
Rank Player

February 07, 2011 | MICHAEL BAMBERGER
The recession is over, and you know what that means. Golf will soon be bustin' out all over

February 07, 2011 | MIKE CLINTON
What's the state of the industry? How do golfers shop? Why are courses vanishing? How can the game grow? And what will happen to the Acushnet Company?

February 07, 2011 | BARNEY ADAMS
A mechanical engineer with an Eye for performance and a disregard for the status quo changed golf equipment forever—and he changed me too

February 07, 2011
SI GOLF+ asked the 10 premier clubmakers in the world this question: Which products are you most proud of this season? Here are their selections for Gear of the Year

February 07, 2011
A sexy fairway metal in the Speedline series and a host of hybrids are all the rage

February 07, 2011
The new RAZR line offers options in metals and irons, while there's more octane in the latest Diablo

February 07, 2011
The company famous for its wedges branches out with Srixon to offer a wide array of balls and clubs

February 07, 2011
The secret's out on the variety of choices in the S3 line, which is all about distance and accuracy

February 07, 2011
From scratch player to high-handicapper, a foursome of quality irons offer solutions to meet the needs of golfers of all skill levels

February 07, 2011
New technology in a pair of drivers produces shots that explode off the face

February 07, 2011
Two drivers geared for different types of players produce the same results—longer and straighter

February 07, 2011
With its adjustability (48 possible setups!), the all-white R11 driver is red-hot

February 07, 2011
Same as being fit for the right club, finding the perfect ball for your game is a process

February 07, 2011

February 07, 2011
From the bladelike FG62 irons to the game-improvement Di11s, there's something for everyone

February 07, 2011 | MICHAEL BAMBERGER
Can you tell the difference if there's an extra half degree of loft in your driver? Can you discern exact yardages at a glance? Then you must be a feel player, like Bubba Watson

February 07, 2011 | ALAN SHIPNUCK
For decades, 59 has been the magic number on the PGA Tour. That may be about to change

February 07, 2011 | Gary Van Sickle
The best players in the world, the ones who most need a precise yardage, are among the golfers banned from using rangefinders. Seriously?

February 07, 2011 | JAMES P. HERRE
My brother, Tom, has been an avid golfer for more than 50 years, but aside from the occasional new driver, he often goes a decade or longer without changing out his bag. So I was surprised when, a...

February 07, 2011
EDITOR James P. Herre