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October 11, 1954 | Volume 1, Issue 9

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated October 11, 1954

October 11, 1954 | Roger Kahn

October 11, 1954 | Harry Phillips
Last week readers of SI were thoroughly and unsentimentally introduced to the unbeautiful possum, that old southern customer which now threatens to become a slightly mixed blessing in other parts...

October 11, 1954 | Otto Graham

October 11, 1954 | Otto Graham
Blazing lights and fast action provide plenty of excitement for nighttime football fans during a Los Angeles Rams-New York Giants exhibition game in Portland, Ore. Although some abuses occur on...

October 11, 1954

October 11, 1954 | Ed Everett
Fox hunting the Midwest way means listening to hound music in the night and matching dog against dog in three-day field trials

October 11, 1954 | Ed Everett
Fox hunting, night style, borrows a term or two from English tradition but also employs many of its own. A short glossary:

October 11, 1954 | Martin Kane
Fancy-free and full of fanfare, football music fills the air with its magnificent manifestations of a martial mania as old as the game itself

October 11, 1954 | Jimmy Jemail
The Answers:

October 11, 1954
The violent upsets shown on this and following pages are not the sort of action spectators at the National Horse Show next month are likely to see. To riders and horses preparing for the elegant...

October 11, 1954 | Bill Mauldin
Having recently taken to the air, Bill Mauldin launches his new column on flying with the stirring tale of his first solo flight

October 11, 1954
For fifty years the opening day at Belmont Park has brought out the first fall fashions in the East. This year there was no doubt about the favorite for suits and coats: tweeds—win, place and show

October 11, 1954 | The Know-it-all
The time has comeSummer's over, and it's time to lay your boat up for the winter. Be it a skiff or a luxury yacht, you've had a lot of fun with it; but now, unless you live in the deep South where...

October 11, 1954 | Victor Kalman
New Jersey's Faragalli may be best in the U.S. this year

October 11, 1954 | Red Smith
The redoubtable Giant slugger has ridden blithely through many a dusty situation

October 11, 1954
2-Drawings by James Caraway6-top right, Pop Warner Conference; bottom, United Press7-top (2) James Cathey9, 12-Drawings by James Caraway16-bottom, United Press26-United Press32-Cloyd Teter-Denver...

October 11, 1954 | Red Smith
GOOD STRAIGHT MENWhen Phil Regan introduced this team at a Saratoga benefit the fellow at the left had ridden more than 3,000 winners. His partner recently passed that mark. Only Sir Gordon...

October 11, 1954 | Albion Hughes
The Dancer takes final bow at Belmont as the racing world's attention shifts to the Widener chute and Nashua

October 11, 1954
Herewith a salute from the editors to men and women of all ages who have fairly earned the good opinion of the world of sport, regardless of whether they have yet earned its tallest headlines

October 11, 1954
During the reign of Jahangir (1605-1627), one of the great Mughal emperors of India, the art of that land rose to a peak of decorative quality. Jahangir kept his court painters busy filling albums...

October 11, 1954 | Budd Schulberg
In TV boxing, says this ringsider, there's too much turkey on the menu and someday wised-up fans may just turn off their sets

October 11, 1954 | Don A. Schanche
DURHAM, N.C.Coach Harvey Robinson of Tennessee, who succeeded General Bob Neyland in 1953 and still seems to dwell in the famed old coach's shadow, thought he had it all figured out. "We figured...

October 11, 1954 | Don A. Schanche

October 11, 1954 | Don A. Schanche
•WISCONSIN vs. RICE. The Badgers are still unscathed after meeting Marquette and Michigan State. The Owls have outhit Florida and Cornell easily. Whooo, Whooo—WISCONSIN.

October 11, 1954 | Herman Hickman

October 11, 1954 | Herman Hickman
The honored name of Vanderbilt somehow was dropped from Herman Hickman's estimate of the Solid South (SI, Oct. 4). This is what Hickman wrote:

October 11, 1954 | Shirley Povich
The newly elected president of the Baseball Writers, Columnist Shirley Povich, advises Charley Dressen that he'll be up against austerity baseball with the Senators where the Griffiths still make...

October 11, 1954

October 11, 1954
How 200 U.S. college teams fared last week

October 11, 1954

October 11, 1954 | Compiled by Ed Zern

October 11, 1954 | Edmund Ware Smith
In all men in some degree the wilderness wish exists, however hidden in the haste and habit of the world we make. For me, this wish is symbolized and fulfilled by log cabins I have known, built or...

October 11, 1954 | Erwin A. Bauer
Several decades ago the future seemed grim for the wood duck. Once plentiful, this handsome pond bird became so rare that it seemed likely it would become extinct. By 1918 shooting it was outlawed...

October 11, 1954 | John Durant
Born in Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1859 and still living there, Putt Telfer has recorded village sport scenes for 75 years

October 11, 1954 | Robert N. Bavier Jr.
Design determines the winners in One-of-a-Kind races

October 11, 1954
Sirs:Frank Erne is dead at 79 (SCOREBOARD, Sept. 27). He was the oldest living of the former boxing champions. Erne, born Jan. 8, 1875, was the only Switzerland-born ringman ever to win a world's...

October 11, 1954 | Duane Decker
The good old game of touch, with rules or without, provides football fun for everyone without the spills and skills demanded by the regular game