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December 20, 1954 | Volume 1, Issue 19

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Ken Sears Cover - Sports Illustrated December 20, 1954

December 20, 1954 | Harry Phillips
Traditionally the editors of magazines seek something special at Christmastime, lighting their pages more brilliantly than ever with the sparkling warmth of the occasion.

December 20, 1954 | Roger Kahn
The desperate plight of the minor leagues was a backdrop last week for the annual major league meeting in New York. But the rulers of baseball dealt with trivia, ignored the minors and went home

December 20, 1954 | Roger Kahn
Artist William Sharp re-creates the joint meeting of the major leagues. In the National League group are Brooklyn's Walter O'Malley, St. Louis' Dick Meyer, New York's Charles Feeney, Cincinnati's...

December 20, 1954

December 20, 1954 | Jimmy Jemail
HANK GREENBERG, General ManagerCleveland Indian"I'm in favor of some agreement where TV won't invade minor league territory. The Department of Justice should okay some such plan before it is...

December 20, 1954
Mongoose and king cobra—legendary enemies—square off in their classic and rarely photographed encounter near Mysore, India. Here the mongoose, master of the quick dart, dances and feints to make...

December 20, 1954

December 20, 1954 | Ezra Bowen
The art of weight lifting, according to champions, requires powerful thought. without it, the lifter's power is directionless; but if his thinking is right, he'll feel as though he were alone in a...

December 20, 1954 | William F. Talbert
Last week Harry Hopman, captain of Australia's Davis Cup team, predicted a clear-cut victory for his side. Now the U.S. captain replies—with some different opinions

December 20, 1954 | Whitney Tower
Summery, tennis-minded Australia is the setting for one of the liveliest Challenge Round duels in history. This time the U.S. team means business

December 20, 1954
The history of Davis Cup Challenge Round matches is one of brilliance by some of the sport's greatest performers

December 20, 1954 | Jacques Tati

December 20, 1954 | Harry Botsford
Waterfowl at the year-end is a tradition worth cultivating. Herewith a flock of recipes calculated to win new respect for a great holiday fare

December 20, 1954 | Gene Sarazen
especially for golfers over forty but useful for golfers of all ages

December 20, 1954 | Robert N. Bavier Jr.
Serious sailors bundle up in windproofs and fleece-lined boots and race their one-design dinghies all winter long

December 20, 1954
It takes more art than artifice to reshape what's seashape. Here are seven new ways

December 20, 1954 | Victor Kalman
Greats and near-greats in Chicago bowling provide high scores and a few thrills for the game's TV fans

December 20, 1954 | Arthur Daley
The New York Times.

December 20, 1954
1—Gene Pyle2—top right, A.P.3—bottom, A.P.6—Frederick A. Meyer, D. M. Logan, Cerro-Vera7—top, I.N.P.18, 19—Ed Fisher and Jerry Greenberg (2), Combine, European20—A.P., I.N.P., U.P.21-24—Ylla from...

December 20, 1954 | John Bentley
The Arnolt-Bristol combines the engine-building talents of a British aircraft firm with the style of an Italian designer to produce a high-quality, all-round sports car

December 20, 1954 | Duane Decker
On his first day of deer hunting, with his very first shot, Paul Ward Jr. got the biggest thrill of his life

December 20, 1954 | Roland Palmedo
A distinguished amateur skier examines the position of the U.S. in international ski councils, and finds that lack of experience and frequent shifting of officers are costing the country more than...

December 20, 1954

December 20, 1954

December 20, 1954
Herewith a salute from the editors to men and women of all ages who have fairly earned the good opinion of the world of sport, regardless of whether they have yet earned its tallest headlines

December 20, 1954 | Compiled by Bill Wallace
A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

December 20, 1954 | Compiled by Ed Zern
A digest of last-minute reports from fishermen and other unreliable sources

December 20, 1954 | H. Allen Smith

December 20, 1954 | H. Allen Smith
H. Allen Smith has delighted millions with such sprightly books as Rhubarb and Low Man on a Totem Pole. The Culbertson-Lenz match was an event among many which he covered as a feature writer for...

December 20, 1954
Matchwit is the only duet crossword in the world. To solve it, couples may sit opposite each other at a card table or well-balanced lapboard. At the signal, both contestants start solving. The...

December 20, 1954
Sirs:The article by Mr. Canham, track coach at the University of Michigan, entitled, (SI, Oct. 25) was true in every detail and shocking in its conclusions. Something revolutionary in the...