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January 17, 1955 | Volume 2, Issue 3

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Rafael Rodriguez Cover - Sports Illustrated January 17, 1955

January 17, 1955 | Robert Coughlan

January 17, 1955 | Robert Coughlan

January 17, 1955
This is a tableau of U.S. sportsmen attentively following the finals of a national championship last week. Included in the scene are bankers, lawyers stockbrokers, publishers, a shipping official,...

January 17, 1955
A salute to those who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not yet its tallest headlines

January 17, 1955

January 17, 1955 | Gordon Lewis
The causeway linking Florida with Key West offers the vacationing angler exceptional sport, for in effect this is the world's longest fishing pier

January 17, 1955 | A.C. Spectorsky

January 17, 1955 | John Stanton

January 17, 1955 | John Stanton

January 17, 1955
Moving his muleta a little too fast, perhaps deliberately risking control over the bull in order to encourage it to charge well, Fermin Rivera performs a right-hand pass in a picture that catches...

January 17, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
Mrs. FRANK BLAIR, Irvington, N.Y.housewife"Certainly. Basketball on radio seems a I succession of whistles. I counted seven in one minute. When a player is shooting, why should it be a foul for an...

January 17, 1955 | James B. Trefethen
This generation of wildfowlers missed out on the greatest shooting New England ever saw. This is how it used to be

January 17, 1955
The popular art of the Japanese people in the latter half of the 18th Century was the polychrome woodblock print of "genre" type, illustrating various pastimes of everyday life such as the...

January 17, 1955 | Harry Phillips
A cluster of diverse items on my desk at the end of the year reflected in several ways some of the things that happen when people read SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. For example:

January 17, 1955 | Johnny Revolta
Especially for beginners but useful for all golfers

January 17, 1955
Opening day at Santa Anita is traditionally as much a proving ground for fashion acceptance on the West Coast as the opening of Belmont is in the East. Report from the track: California has...

January 17, 1955
Louisiana State University, perennially a top contender for national honors in the limited but still thriving intercollegiate boxing circuit (SI, Nov. 22), punched out a 7-1 victory over Maryland...

January 17, 1955 | Victor Kalman
The big event is rolling, and SI sends valorous Varipapa a sentimental salute

January 17, 1955 | Duane Decker
All winter long a group of dedicated men at Spalding work hard rigging up machines that are designed to wreck bats, balls, and even badminton birds

January 17, 1955

January 17, 1955

January 17, 1955

January 17, 1955 | Compiled by Bill Wallace
A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

January 17, 1955 | Compiled by Ed Zern
A digest of last-minute reports from fishermen and other unreliable sources

January 17, 1955
2—Lawrence Schiller, Phyllis Reid, Bob Bourdon5—Richard Meek, Bob Landry8—William C. Greene—New York World-Telegram and The Sun, International9—Richard Meek, The New York Times11—United...

January 17, 1955 | William H. White
Last August, SI published an account of Prof. Thomas K. Cureton's training tips to athletes. Herewith his conditioning program for men in middle age

January 17, 1955
Sirs:I enjoyed reading your article entitled and think that your choice of Roger Bannister as SI's first Sportsman of the Year was a good one, but I do think your two-page salute to the other '54...

January 17, 1955 | Dan Daniel

January 17, 1955
The week brought news from New York that was full of promise for boxing's long overdue national renovation