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February 28, 1955 | Volume 2, Issue 9

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated February 28, 1955

February 28, 1955
A salute to some who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not yet its tallest headlines

February 28, 1955 | Jim Murray
Swaps, a home-bred son of the Golden State, wins the first great classic of the 3-year-old season

February 28, 1955 | Jim Murray
The owner of Santa Anita Derby winner Swaps has acquired, since the days when he worked as a $50-a-week cowhand on his father's Safford, Ariz. ranch, both a thorough knowledge of breeding and a...

February 28, 1955 | Albion Hughes
Saturday's race will measure the Florida 3-year-olds

February 28, 1955
Baseball in the Caribbean area is exciting, but for some Big Leaguers it has its pitfalls

February 28, 1955

February 28, 1955 | A. Ellston Cooper
Over the course of years the paleface has taken many things from the red man, including the Indian game of lacrosse, but somehow he overlooked adopting as his own one of the most amazing games...

February 28, 1955 | Gerald Astor
Professional basketball—sampled here in full-color action—may look like chaos, but it calls for fluid variations as precise and calculated as the mathematics of a Bach fugue

February 28, 1955
TWO CHAMPIONS IN NEW YORKOf all the thousands of performers, human and canine, at Madison Square Garden last week, none looked less alike than beefy, bowlegged Champion Kippax Fearnought, an...

February 28, 1955 | James T. Farrell

February 28, 1955
Gleaming white and red like the colors of the famous Vanderbilt racing silks, Sagamore Farm, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt's stables, lies in the softly rolling countryside of Glyndon, Md. The barns...

February 28, 1955 | Scott Young
Many a duck that has been hit goes right on flying—as one zoologist's fluoroscope proves

February 28, 1955 | Sigurd Olson
There's a secret world under the ice known only to those who sit in a "dark house," watching raptly as the snow whispers outside

February 28, 1955 | Compiled by ED ZERN
A digest of last-minute reports from fishermen and other unreliable sources

February 28, 1955
1—Associated Press, Bob Campbell- San Francisco Chronicle2—drawings by Robert Riger6—Bill Dye10, 11—Jack Gaunt-Los Angeles Times12—R. L. Oliver-Los Angeles Times, Hollywood...

February 28, 1955 | Compiled by BILL WALLACE
A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

February 28, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
EDDIE ERDELATZ, U.S. Naval Academy Football coach "I'm not anti-intellectual. But a sound athletic program helps the academic in developing healthy minds and bodies. At the USNA, high...

February 28, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
Should a race-horse owner run his horse for experience and not to win?

February 28, 1955
FOR MOST GOLFERS—excepting always the fortunate herd which heads for the South—wintertime is a tough passage. They drive by their home courses and their eyes meet the bleakness of snow, slush or...

February 28, 1955 | Jackson Bradley
Comparatively few golfers, even among some of the better club players, know how to practice the right way. Like a round of golf itself, practice sessions should be properly planned and organized....

February 28, 1955 | Scott Young
For doggedness and courage, Toronto's Ted Kennedy is tops in the league

February 28, 1955 | Budd Schulberg
Some in squalid misery; here's a way to help them before they fade away

February 28, 1955 | John Bentley
How small can a car get? The latest in the tiny class at New York's Travel and Auto Sports Show will surprise you—but they're real cars

February 28, 1955 | Victor Kalman
Duck pins are little, but they're a challenge even to big pin fans

February 28, 1955
Leslie MacMitchell caught up with the only major mile title which had evaded him nine years ago this week during the National A.A.U. track and field championships at Madison Square Garden....

February 28, 1955

February 28, 1955

February 28, 1955

February 28, 1955 | Duane Decker
More than most, the Selvys of Corbin seem to have it when it comes to hitting the basket. First there was Frank; now comes brother Edd

February 28, 1955
Matchwit is the only duet crossword in the world. To solve it, couples may sit opposite each other at a card table or well-balanced lapboard. At the signal, both contestants start solving. The...

February 28, 1955

February 28, 1955 | Harry Phillips
The accident which on January 30 came to Jill Kinmont, holder of the women's National Junior and Senior slalom titles, was among the saddest in sports history. As most of our readers know, Jill...