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March 07, 1955 | Volume 2, Issue 10

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Joseph Cameron Alston Cover - Sports Illustrated March 07, 1955

March 07, 1955
A salute to some who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not yet its tallest headlines

March 07, 1955 | Herbert Warren Wind

March 07, 1955 | Herbert Warren Wind
1—Pan-American Open $25,000

March 07, 1955 | Whitney Tower
Nashua, a speedy but temperamental bay, wins the wealthy Flamingo Stakes to set himself up as the potential star of the 3-year-olds—if he keeps his mind on the job ahead

March 07, 1955 | John O'Reilly
Rare color pictures taken in the Netherlands West Indies show a remote colony of wild flamingos in gaudy pageantry as only a handful of ornithologists have been privileged to view them

March 07, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
GENE LEONE, RestaurateurNew York, N.Y."Yes. A horse may be great in the morning and then freeze before a great crowd. He has to learn to run in competition before he can win. Alfred Vanderbilt...

March 07, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
Which has a greater element of danger, automobile racing or motorboat racing?

March 07, 1955

March 07, 1955

March 07, 1955 | Tommy Armour
Playing in a tournament at Pinehurst at one time, I had a very comfortable lead going into the last nine holes. I was playing very well when suddenly my iron shots started to spray. I was hitting...

March 07, 1955 | William F. Talbert
Winning the National Indoor, he showed the attitude of greatness

March 07, 1955 | Gerald Holland
I am asked to speak of the game," said Branch Rickey, restating a question that had been put to him, "I am asked to reflect upon my own part in it. At the age of 73, on the eve of a new baseball...

March 07, 1955
Baseball 1955 began this week in Florida and Arizona when all 16 major league teams started spring training. Here SI's Robert Creamer and Horace Sutton present a map of Grapefruit League country...

March 07, 1955
Only three of the 16 teams train in Arizona. But two of the three—the Giants and the Indians—copped their league pennants last season, a source of considerable pride to loyal Arizonians.

March 07, 1955
The sailors of southern California almost never take their boats out of the water. But in February, brisk winds make them bundle up in waterproof woolen trousers and hooded sweaters when they fill...

March 07, 1955 | John Bentley
For eight speed-filled days, cars of every description chased the elusive goal of speed in the annual NASCAR classic of 1955. It was a week of records, wrecks, a flaming death and a final anticlimax

March 07, 1955 | Horace Sutton
Daytona's history spans the lifetime of the U.S. automobile

March 07, 1955 | Gerald Astor
It has made the little College of Idaho a basketball powerhouse

March 07, 1955 | Russell B. Aitken
To win a Gold Button, big-game hunters from many states rendezvous, like trappers of the Old West, in a man-made north woods in a New York suburb. There they compete in a tourney which would test...

March 07, 1955 | Wolfgang Lert
California's best beloved skier, that's who

March 07, 1955 | Compiled by BILL WALLACE
A late roundup of snow conditions in America from a picked group of local skiers

March 07, 1955 | Compiled by ED ZERN
A digest of last-minute reports from fishermen and other unreliable sources

March 07, 1955
1—Bud De Wald, Harold Guyon 2—bot. It., John Engstead 3—t., I.N.S. 4, 5—drawings by James Caraway 6—Walter Daran 12—James Caraway 14—Bob East-Miami Herald 15—U.P., Marvin...

March 07, 1955

March 07, 1955

March 07, 1955

March 07, 1955 | Harry Phillips
Among the articles Gerald Holland has written for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED readers may particularly remember two broad surveys of sports—The Golden Age Is Now in our first issue and 1954, The Year and...

March 07, 1955
Sirs:I just received my February 14th issue of SI and by chance turned to the article concerning the Westminster Dog Show. The article and illustrations are typical of your magazine, in that it is...