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March 14, 1955 | Volume 2, Issue 11

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Buddy Werner Cover - Sports Illustrated March 14, 1955

March 14, 1955

March 14, 1955

March 14, 1955
A salute to some who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not yet its tallest headlines

March 14, 1955 | William Johnson
The U.S. has a lively crop of home-grown young skiers who are schussing hard with 1956 in view

March 14, 1955 | Booton Herndon

March 14, 1955
There seem to be only two ways to avoid sore muscles. Either never exert yourself or keep every one of the more than 400 skeletal muscles in your body in top condition 365 days in the year. The...

March 14, 1955
This week SI introduces a new, occasional feature, KEEP IN THE PINK, a health column devoted to the common run of aches and ailments that harry most men and women, old and young, at play.

March 14, 1955 | John Curtis Bush
A turkey gobbler posturing before his harem is a vain beauty, foolish yet cautious as he drives a hunter frantic

March 14, 1955 | The Know-It-All
You can do itSeventeen hundred years ago a Macedonian sheepherder noticed fish jumping out of the water to seize a reddish-colored fly that hovered over the water; he wrapped some crimson wool...

March 14, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
GEORGE J. TRIMPER, Buffalo, N.Y.PresidentAmerican Power Boat Assn."Auto racing. I've raced both. When you have an accident at 150 mph in a boat, your chances are slim. Even so, when you're in an...

March 14, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
Is it possible for a horse player to beat the races?

March 14, 1955 | Jim Browning
Most golfers' minds are cluttered with thoughts of cocking the wrists correctly at the top of the backswing. This is a needless worry. They shouldn't think about cocking the wrists, because if...

March 14, 1955 | Coles Phinizy

March 14, 1955 | Compiled by BILL WALLACE
A late roundup of snow conditions in America from picked local skiers

March 14, 1955 | Compiled by ED ZERN
A digest of last-minute reports from fishermen and other unreliable sources

March 14, 1955 | Denis Fodor
After an embarrassing wait of a year, Canada's bruising, undiplomatic hockey team takes the world crown from Moscow to British Columbia

March 14, 1955 | John Bentley
An international elite gets set for the only U.S. Grand Prix

March 14, 1955 | Victor Kalman
Prizes are slim but spirit is fine in the women's doubles

March 14, 1955 | Albion Hughes
Nor sleet nor snow nor cold could stop the opening at Lincoln Downs

March 14, 1955
Aging Jake Schaefer Sr., ill and past his prime, defeated a brilliant upstart named Willie Hoppe in an 18.2 billiards match 47 years ago this week. Schaefer (The Wizard) had tutored Hoppe (The Boy...

March 14, 1955 | Whitney Tower
"Man, you gotta learn some manners," is part of the teacher-talk at Hialeah, where juvenile colts and fillies come to learn their duties

March 14, 1955 | Harry Phillips
A while ago, Frank Nemits of Rome, N.Y., a loyal (and most thorough) student of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, could stand it no longer. Putting pen firmly to paper, he wrote us a letter:

March 14, 1955

March 14, 1955

March 14, 1955

March 14, 1955
2—Frances Foots6—drawings by Roy Doty12-14—drawings by Ajay22—George Silk-LIFE25—right, Hy Peskin27—Margaret Durrance from Rapho-Guillumette28, 29, 31—Ralph R. Thompson30—Ed Roseberry32—drawings...

March 14, 1955 | Duane Decker
His glove, of course—and here are some tips on the best way of picking one, and how to care for it when it's yours

March 14, 1955
Sirs:Just read the college hockey story (SI, Feb. 21). It was nothing short of terrific and we all feel you did real justice to a great and growing sport.K. G. FREYSCHLAGColorado CollegeColorado...

March 14, 1955 | Alfred Wright

March 14, 1955 | Alfred Wright
Eight first stringers and three sure pitchers are backed by a wealth of substitutes and trading bait. Twin problems are—