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April 25, 1955 | Volume 2, Issue 17

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Tenzing Norgay Cover - Sports Illustrated April 25, 1955

April 25, 1955

April 25, 1955
Baseball bliss wrapped Kansas City (welcoming its new major league team) and numberless other towns—but was nowhere more enveloping than in Brooklyn, whose beloved Bums won six straight and jumped...

April 25, 1955
Santa Anita's magnificent Turf Club makes losing a luxurious lark and sets a standard for all to copy

April 25, 1955 | Whitney Tower
For years racing fans have protested against the conditions usually found at the No. 1 paid spectator sport in America. Now management's response is a whopping remodeling program

April 25, 1955 | Gerald Holland

April 25, 1955

April 25, 1955 | Jeremiah Tax

April 25, 1955 | Tenzing Norgay
The story of man's supreme achievement in the mountains is here begun in the first of four instalments on the life of the great Sherpa climber, co-conqueror of Everest, as he recounted it to his...

April 25, 1955 | Tenzing Norgay
How the young Sherpa becomes a mountain man at last; and gains experience on many expeditions; and loses a great attempt, but wins a great friend

April 25, 1955

April 25, 1955
Every year, just before Easter, Ivy League collegians head for a holiday in Bermuda. "College Week," which this year was a four-week celebration, is an outgrowth of traditional Rugby Week, which...

April 25, 1955
Following their tee shots, a foursome strides down the lush green fairway of Augusta's first hole to start a round of golf. Similar scenes will be enacted by millions of golfers this year. But...

April 25, 1955 | Gene Andersen
No horror in golf is worse than shanking—hitting the ball off the extreme heel of the club and having it skid crazily off to the right, sometimes at almost a right angle. After hitting his first...

April 25, 1955
Intrigued by Jackie Robinson's new method of breaking up a double play, Columnist Arthur Daley turns inquiring reporter to determine the legality of the strategy and gets varied reactions from...

April 25, 1955 | John Bentley
In a road test John Bentley finds it fast, quiet, flexible, comfortable and easy to drive

April 25, 1955 | Philip Wylie
A brief for what is undoubtedly the nation's most unpublicized group of sportsmen—the yard fixers

April 25, 1955 | Albion Hughes
That's what the Wood Memorial looks like as Nashua meets Summer Tan

April 25, 1955
In the spring, a sportsman's fancy turns to thoughts of big bass and trout. For this is the time, when frozen streams clear and lakes first warm, that they are most likely to bite again. But so,...

April 25, 1955 | Ted Trueblood

April 25, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
BIRDIE TEBBETTS, Cincinnati Redlegs:"The National League is too tough to pick. There's not a bad team in the league. We have power, defense—and experience. Our veteran pitchers could be solid...

April 25, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
Is your native sport as exciting as baseball and football?(Asked at the United Nations)

April 25, 1955
14, 15—drawings by Ajay16—drawing by Arthur Singer, Maria La Yacona24, 25—Roger J. Reynolds-Kansas City Star26, 27—top, I.N.P., Detroit Times, Eddie Babst from Cincinnati Times-Star, U.P., Bob...

April 25, 1955 | Compiled by ED ZERN
A digest of last-minute reports from fishermen and other unreliable sources

April 25, 1955 | Victor Kalman
Small-pins had an All-Star, too

April 25, 1955
If a horse bucks when you mount it, after its owner has assured you that it wouldn't hurt a fly, whose fault is it if you are thrown off?

April 25, 1955 | Duane Decker
It's a long way through the farms from sandlot to stadium, but Travis Rayborn is on the way

April 25, 1955 | John O'Reilly
The fur flew when conservationists and women's clubs set out at the turn of the century to stop the plume hunters

April 25, 1955

April 25, 1955
Sirs:Congratulations on the wrestling spread (SI, April 11). As one who knows this entertainment like the back of his hand I learned long ago the futility of disillusioning the wrestling fan. If...

April 25, 1955
A salute to some who have earned the good opinion of the world of sport, if not its tallest headlines

April 25, 1955 | Harry Phillips
After a brief absence from the office a few weeks ago, I returned to find our editors in a state of pleased excitement: they had just acquired magazine rights to Tiger of the Snows, the...