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December 19, 1955 | Volume 3, Issue 25

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated December 19, 1955

December 19, 1955 | Harry Phillips
Among sports, skiing seems to have a special holiday quality, perhaps because it requires snow—a symbol of the holiday season even in those parts of the country where there isn't likely to be any....

December 19, 1955

December 19, 1955
The recruiting rivals of Georgia Tech and Georgia have been handed a brand-new argument which some have been quick to use: "Look son, why do you want to go to those Georgia schools? They are bound...

December 19, 1955
It's an old story in Indiana and other midwestern states, but now the mania is spreading in places like North Carolina

December 19, 1955 | Charles W. White

December 19, 1955 | Budd Schulberg
Short months ago Middleweight Champion Bobo Olson was considered so skillful a ringmaster that he was being matched, on paper, with Heavyweight Champion Rocky Marciano. But on Friday night...

December 19, 1955

December 19, 1955 | Dr. William J. Long

December 19, 1955 | Dr. William J. Long
To the present generation of Americans, Dr. William J. Long is hardly a familiar name. Some 50 years ago this Congregational minister, naturalist, explorer and writer was one of the...

December 19, 1955 | Kenneth Rudeen
The Bahamas Speed Week on the Windsor Course in Nassau is an invitation to blazing speed. Laid out on the asphalt runways of a World War II airfield, the course is three-and-a-half miles of long...

December 19, 1955

December 19, 1955 | Alice Higgins
There were more 10-gallon Stetsons than top hats at the International Live Stock Exposition Horse Show in Chicago, but there was plenty of elegance in the horse show ring and as much color—if of a...

December 19, 1955 | Alice Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bunn Jr. of Springfield, Ill. Their Sam Spade won ladies' five-gaited and amateur stake classes, their Blythe Spirit the bike stake and their Mastercraft Showman a class for...

December 19, 1955 | Robert Creamer
The day the minor league meetings began in Columbus, Ohio, copies of that week's Sporting News, the baseball newspaper, found their way around the lobby of the Deshler-Hilton Hotel and into the...

December 19, 1955 | Whitney Tower
It was well past midnight before the players had showered and dressed, signed a few autographs, crammed their sweaty clothes into suitcases and finally were strolling through the eerie...

December 19, 1955 | Roy Terrell
Maybe it had been done before. If so, the statistician for a Missouri newspaper had never heard about it and the more he wondered the more entranced he became with the subject. After all, it was...

December 19, 1955 | Ezra Bowen

December 19, 1955 | Ezra Bowen
DODGE RIDGE, Calif.: a new Pomalift, 2,200 feet long, rising 600 feet. Capacity, 1,000 per hour; cost, $35,000. Area has also poured out another $145,000 for two rope tows, a new water system and...

December 19, 1955 | Compiled by MORT LUND
LS—depth of snow on lower slopes; US—depth of snow on upper slopes; TD—total snowfall during the week days; TW—total snowfall during the weekend; CD—crowd during the week; CW—crowd during the...

December 19, 1955 | Friedl Pfeifer/Coach, U.S. Olympic Ski Team
The old idea of judging the correct length for new skis—that is, by stretching your arm over your head to see if the skis reach from the floor to the center of your palm—is absolutely wrong. This...

December 19, 1955
SI presents the first in a series of notable collections of sporting art

December 19, 1955 | Morton M. Hunt
For 700 years gladiators met in mortal combat in Rome's huge arenas. Few lived to retire, but some became great heroes

December 19, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
PAUL BRYANTHead coachAgricultural and Mechanical College of Texas"I would love the job under the following conditions: That my employers, the alumni and players understand that competitive...

December 19, 1955 | Jimmy Jemail
Are bowl games good or bad for football?

December 19, 1955 | Furman Bisher

December 19, 1955 | Compiled by ED ZERN
SO—season opened (or opens); SC—season closed (or closes). C—clear water; D—water dirty or roily; M—water muddy.N—water at normal height; SH—slightly high; H—high; VH—very high; L—low; R—rising;...

December 19, 1955

December 19, 1955
Sirs:I enjoyed your erudite Froissart of Fistiana, Mr. Liebling, in his scholarly essay on Stillman's Academy (SI, Dec. 5) but must take exception to a time honored but purely fabulous "canard"...

December 19, 1955
Skier Andrea Mead Lawrence, winner of two gold medals in the 1952 Olympics, combines marriage and a career with notable success. Married to Dave Lawrence, onetime U.S. giant slalom champion, Andy...

December 19, 1955 | Cary Middlecoff
The one word I think best describes the faults of the average golfer is over extending. If there is a secret to golf, it is to know one's capabilities. My advice is never to overextend even if a...